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Season 8: LARP And The Real Girl


A significantly cheerier episode then the last. Almost seemed like a HERE LET'S APPEASE YOU. Which is traditional Supernatural, normally after a really angsty episode. So that was nothing new!

First off it was very lighthearted and I enjoyed it very much. Let me get that out there!

I enjoyed the LARP'ing and the mythical land and all that jazz.

I enjoyed CHARLIE so so much <3! She was a true highlight in this episode. She's strong, yet scared as she should be but doesn't want innocents or her loyal subjects harmed because ultimately she's the 'queen' and of course she's hostile towards Sam and Dean at first (who wouldn't be after all that) I like her because she FEELS real. I don't think she's overdone or too lets kick ass and take names awww yeaaah! Or she isn't dependent on Sam and Dean's character, or a love interest thank god. She has a background and an interesting plot that can hold it's own in an episode.

Might I add, Charlie looked stunning as Queen! Her flirting was a joy to watch and her make out session with the fairy PRICELESS

Jensen in ANY costume is hot hands down but this time it was like OMFG HIT ME WITH A FRYING PAN COLD WATER CPR hot. I was sad we only got about 30 seconds of Sam in a costume, was led on to believe we'd see more but I CHERISH those moments greatly.

While I enjoyed the episode immensely after so much sadness and was happy seeing Sam and Dean communicate and talk to each other on level and not lose their patience or get angry but work towards understanding, there was some stuff I found a little problematic.

The fairy/motw/villain was overcome WAY to easily. While I enjoyed the greater picture I think this thing should have been more in depth.

In terms of Sam and Dean communicating I found the writing kind of cheesy and something I wouldn't think they would have sad previously though I guess I largely overlooked that fact (which I assume it was intended that way) to give way to the happy feels.

Sad at the lack of Sam and Charlie interaction seeing as how they bonded well in her last episode. I thought that was just horribly shitty to do. Though Dean and Charlie bonding was epic and adorable! I will admit.

Dean's smart in battle strategy was well placed. We all know Dean has an inner geek but I find Sam's silent, brooding 'gotta do the job Dean' attitude kind of a drag. I understand I suppose but I guess I didn't like that they made him so morose. (Still don't believe the Amelia story line so maybe that's why)

Dean shooting the gun H O T city baby. I loved how freaked out they all were. Dean is just trying to save what little friends they have left, while Sam looked worried, like I said a little more emotion from him would be nice. Did anyone pick up on this? Or am I just nit picking.

The ending okay.

I LOVED IT. Was it purely fanservice of fan pandering. Probably. I mean we love the boys in costume but I really loved it. Pulled the ending together I think and the little monologue at the end was priceless.

So yeah I still see some problem areas with writing but at the very LEAST they are attempting to fix the unwarranted tension and anger this season. (What was the purpose of that? To make them more mature or something? Isn't that what Carver said? *rolls eyes*) Just sort of forgetting that ever happened so hopefully we can look forward to BRIGHTER days.

(Ha who am I kidding it's Supernatural it always rips my heart out XD)

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