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Hey guys how has the new years been treating you? Good I hope. Tomorrow I go back for my second semester, I got all my books except one so I'm going to pick it up before I head to class and get me some supplies I need. Though since this is my last semester for financial aid I have to reapply since it's not renewed annually. That makes me nervous. I don't know why I'm just scared if maybe I find a job before then (which lets be real will only pay minimum wage) will they see me as not needing it anymore? I'm not sure how it works all I know is I'm still pretty much a dependent relying on my parents to clothe, house and feed me. My dad doesn't claim me on taxes anymore, since he can't but hopefully I'll still get the money for financial aid.

Anyway, fandom life is pretty hectic. I signed up for ONE challenge that I know I can do. It's an mpreg one and I already started writing so I'm strangely excited for that. Have a shit ton to read and thanks to mylifewithin's present the Nook I'll be getting ample reading time in between my classes instead of lugging around my laptop. So basically I'm just trying to catch up, do my fandom-ly duties and maintain school. I don't foresee a problem, though my time may by limited online soon as I'm doing an internship for a daycare through career central that will be paying me for 40 hours and HOPEFULLY career central will help me find a permanent job.

So fingers crossed this all goes well. Hope you guys had a great weekend and a marvelous Monday!

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