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Season 8: A Little Slice of Kevin


So funnily or maybe weirdly enough this episode gave me a headache!

Nothing negative about the episode, I honestly don't know why I currently now have a migraine since I didn't have one before the episode but maybe it was the way I was sitting? My head just hurts so please forgive me if there are errors in this review as I am trying to get through it as quickly as possible.

Okay so this episode was okay for me. Not really that great and it's not exactly why you're thinking I assure you.

It felt a little quick paced for me (maybe because I have a headache? I do need things slowed down when I have one, just a thought) but it certainly had it's moments.

Team Advanced Placement is back! Linda Tran is just amazingly awesome. Seriously WHAT other Mom hires a witch to make demon bombs then decides she's a skanky hoe when her son is eyeing that ass up? Like what even Linda. I just adore her character to bits as well as the actress!

Also what other Mom blasts one of Crowley's henchman in the face with a supersoaker and manages to get him in the trunk of her car.

Omg and if any of you say Mary Winchester in response to these rhetorical questions you are so DONE omfg I will find you

Kevin was hilarious as well, his voice is so squeaky when he's stressed and very low when he's angry or really upset. He just plays Kevin very well, Osric Chau is a treat to have on the show!

The Dean angst was very dark and only just scratching the surface. I actually really liked Castiel in this episode, in regards to what he said to Dean at the end especially.

Though I do think some of the lines written for Dean in response to Castiel were horribly corny, in my opinion.

The, "you're not strong enough." line was especially sappy I don't know if maybe it was the line itself or the way Jensen delivered it or maybe both it was kind of cringe worthy.

Also lack of Sam in this episode was depressing, I guess I was expecting some Sam and Cas interaction and I KNOW that we may see more in the season but I just felt like maybe with Carver they wouldn't shove Sam in a corner when focusing on Dean and Cas scenes I was actually happy seeing Sam actually TALK to Castiel and Castiel talk back. Wow that's a shock.

Sam was great during this episode, he was really worried throughout for Dean and we see Dean open up a little bit after seeing Castiel likely have wounds begin to get scratched open I'm just happy he's communicating with Sam.

It's not a lot but hey it's a start.

Sam was also very worried for Castiel as well, I really do hope the writers don't ignore their interaction and friendship to deliver us more spoon fed Dean/Cas scenes. I just REALLY want to see some great interaction between the two, is that too much to ask?

Very nice observation I have seen coming from thecapn

actually i noticed that too

this is the homeboy who was threatened and accused of being a failure in every sense that he knows his brother values last week

and now he’s waking up in the middle of the night and telling said aforementioned bro to let shit slide


sam winchester is such a good person it actually makes me ill get some fucking flaws outside of being horrendously ambitious asshole jesus christ
-In response to Sam's voice being soothing

So is Castiel a spy now? Is he going to report to Naomi (who is an angel yes?) and if so what does that mean in terms of Sam and Dean?

Hmmmm many questions. Also did the show just CONFIRM Chuck is God? (I knew so all along, I mean Rob has said it enough times but it was nice to silence the non-believers. I just love Chuck okay and Rob a lot and want him back on the show so yes it was wonderful they mentioned him maybe they can work in some Chuck scenes PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE)

Crowley is such a delicious villain, torturing Samandriel (is that how you spell his name? lol let's just call him Alfie it's easier) after Alfie muttered but what happened to three it broke my heart maybe because he's in such a young vessel and he looked so vulnerable and naive, maybe he's not very old like the rest of the angels or was sheltered?

Metatron (I swear EVERYTIME I type this I type megatron instead) is the new big bad? Maybe? Now that the tablet is broken, Kevin has one half and Crowley the other, what does this mean?

Hmmm a lot of unanswered questions and we are very close to the mid season finale and you all KNOW that will be a heart breaker, you ready for that? Any idea what the cliffhanger will be?

So, here's a quick questions/poll. In your opinion what Season had the best mid-season finale?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?

My answer is 2 the secret omfg it slaughtered me okay drove me fucking nuts.

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