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Season 8: Southern Comfort



Well my throat is a little dry from the screaming. Some aspects of this episode I really enjoyed while others were meh or just struck me the wrong way. So I'm really in the middle with this episode, at least it created some character development! That's always a plus, especially in Supernatural.

Let me try and begin.

The case was interesting enough, I enjoy history. The whole specter thing was a fun thing to tackle, and definitely something new. It's nice to see that and was refreshing.

Something surprising for me is how much I loved Garth in this. I thought it'd be totally corny and awkward with the Bobby routine and DJ maybe would just make a parody out of it. While corny, it was sincere and sweet. It didn't feel like he was trying to make fun of Bobby, he was honestly trying to BE Bobby. Because he looked up to Bobby that much, as if a child would a father. While overbearing as Garth can be I think the boys, Dean most of all, needed that perspective. Without Bobby he's been kind of a loose canon (shades of Dean after John died anyone?) and with purgatory and him and Sam fighting Dean honestly NEEDED Garth to say hey, you have Sam that isn't so bad. Because it honestly isn't, it's all he has and he needs to stick with it.

The flashbacks felt a little weird and shoved in there again. While I understand more of her back story I still can't get that first impression out of my mind. Is there really a second chance to make a first impression? Because with Amelia it's looking like it's not really true.

THOUGH I don't think I can just accept Sam running away from it, I mean it's what I figured he honestly couldn't handle it. And really, can you blame him?

After everything he's been through, how many times he's lost Dean before. The months, hell years it seems like. Sam was barely hanging on after regaining his footing from Lucifer, it doesn't take much and of course the one thing that would uproot him completely happened.

It's a normal human response, hell most would have committed suicide by now, the situation being to hard to handle. Sometimes running away, pretending like nothing happened is how you cope.

But like I said, I don't think I am 100% satisfied with the answer, and hopefully we garner more insight because that didn't feel like he was done explaining his year.

Oh Dean, while possessed by a ghost the words he said came from somewhere. He's been thinking about them for quite some time. Dean is known to hold amazing grudges against people before. I'm walking on egg shells here with him and saying this, but I guess I understand his feelings and emotions but some things were total low blows. I'm so happy Sam finally stood up for himself and called Dean out on his attitude, which really those words likely HURT really bad. To be honest, I don't think Sam deserved that, not after everything that happened to him. If anything he deserves some listening and understanding on Dean's part.

Here's where I squee about character development because low and behold DEAN LISTENED he may not fully understand as we see in the promo but he's TRYING that's really all the forward movement I need to get happy. Because like Garth said, they're both talking but neither are listening to the other. They need more patience and empathy for one another, especially Dean if they are EVER going to find common ground here.

It's a start.

The Benny issue is strange. I understand becoming close to Benny and relying on him in purgatory and hunting with someone like that produces tight bonds. BUT the whole Benny never let me down he's my friend and doesn't need to be killed argument reeks of hypocrisy considering Sam brought up Amy. But like I said, Dean's trying and Sam's not taking his shit. Sam needs to be firm to make Dean understand or he likely never will.

Remember guys, it hits rock bottom before it gets better, are you prepared?

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