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Season 8: Blood Brother


Well to be perfectly honest the episode didn't do it for me.I suppose I was thinking of something more Halloween and it just didn't deliver.

While sad Benny's story was more confusing then anything and seemed to lag on for too long. I really don't even remember his full story or the names or anything. It was really boring to me.

Dean is just...I know I'm walking on egg shells here when I say this but his attitude has been really shitty thus far. I know, PTSD, purgatory it messed him up. He feels betrayed by Sam. I get that BUT I don't quite understand how he is failing to see the obvious parallels here between Benny and Ruby. It's so clear it's smacking me in the face. I don't understand how he can't SEE that he's basically doing what Sam did in Season 4. We all have our excuses and reasons I ain't begrudging Dean that but in hindsight I figured he'd, ya know, LEARN from that little disaster seeing how horrible it turned out.

Guess not.

We don't know enough about Benny to judge but I don't buy the whole friendly vamp act. I honestly don't. Not after everything we've seen on this show.

The flashbacks with Amelia didn't really paint her in any better light then before. She's said some really horrible and insulting things to Sam which he seems to have brushed off rather easily, but I suppose Sam has always been like that. We don't know enough about Amelia either to judge but quite frankly she's coming off as a bitch but I'll refrain from making any other assumptions about her yet.

I feel really bad for Sam because he's getting the really shitty end of things right now. Since we don't know enough about his year with Amelia him not looking for Dean isn't yet explained (even if I can perfectly understand his reasons I just like canon confirmation) and I'm sure Dean's little elephant ala Benny wasn't too reassuring for Sam either. His obvious panic and worry over Dean just killed me. Because Sam cares SO MUCH. And I know Dean does too but these two....argh sorry. I'm just frustrated they don't seem to UNDERSTAND that they BOTH still love each other VERY much.

Some key points for me was that Sam mentioned that motels weren't part of the town they were not part of anything. It's interesting and very sad because that's likely how he felt as a kid. An outcast, not really part of anything, even in his own family. And to see him STILL believing in it is just really disheartening.

Another was the silent communication between the boys at the end. As soon as Sam shook Benny's hand his face changed, he knew something wasn't right. He reached for his knife but Dean gave a head nod telling Sam no and Sam went with it. Just like that.

Of course Sam was pissed! Which really, I'm glad he is. It's been so long that Sam has rightfully been angry at Dean that I'm happy to see him express anger towards Dean. Because while Sam has done some shitty things in Season 8 and previously, I think Dean's attitude right now is spectacularly shitty so I'm happy to see Sam expressing some form of emotion instead of just silently going with everything Dean does.

Wow that was a lot but overall I was more confused then anything. I think this episode wasn't well articulated. It just felt like the scenes weren't meshing. Does that make sense? Anyone the promo looked way better then the product. Here's hoping next week is better.

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