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PDF's and why I make them

I think this post is a long overdue one. Because I always worry that somehow I am offending authors when making them or by not telling them I made them (which I tried once and I like went super duper crazy over it because it is A LOT and than megaupload went by by and just ugh sorry it was a painful task for me) well I don't want to upset ANYONE. A lot of people tell me what I'm doing is amazing and sometimes I think that other times I feel bad like I'm doing something wrong or something else. So this is a post to explain to everyone why I make them and my ultimate goal for archiving a PDF library in the first place. This will be added to my PDF library so authors or anyone browsers can see it and maybe get some answers. 

Why did you start making PDF's?

-Honestly? Because all the cool kids were doing it. I wanted to learn how to make them so whenever I saw a fic I just LOVED and wanted to keep forever I'd be able to do it without relying on others. Simply, I love fanfiction and I love to read. It's basically as simple as that. It's also easier for me to read PDF's. I have eye problems and get headaches easily from reading and I didn't want to be in pain from reading so I use PDF's because it's much easier for me to see and reduces my headaches.

Why create a PDF library than? Why not just keep them for yourself?

-Well. I love the fics so much. I think every fic I saved was just so amazingly well written and the authors are phenomenal to me. Basically my goal is to SHARE such wonderful works with other members. My goal was never to steal the authors work. I ALWAYS state explicitly who has written the fic or even done art for the fic. Credit is my number one concern. I have never taken credit for anyone else stories. If anything I wanted their lovely stories to get MORE promotion and MORE readers that will appreciate their work as much as I have. So I wanted to share with others was my main goal. 

My story has been archived on your library and I want it off?

-Simply tell me so and I will do so. It is YOUR work you have full copyright of your material. If it makes you uncomfortable or you have issues with it TELL ME. I will 100% comply because it's not mine at the end of the day ITS YOURS. Always remember that. I won't hold your fic hostage or ignore you. I will always respond.
I don't mind it being archived but maybe you could have asked first?

-I'm so sorry for not. I was doing so before and kind of got lost. It's no excuse of course. If you see your fic and want the PDF download yourself simply tell me and I will host the download on my mediafire. It's no problem for me so ask anytime you're interested. I'm trying to get back on track with it and re-ask everyone again. Like I said NO EXCUSE but please give me time is all I ask. 

What makes you archive a story?

-I only archive a story and add it to the list if I keep it in my personal library on my computer. So I don't archive EVERY SINGLE REQUEST I GET. That would just be pure madness.

I don't want you to share my work?

-Like I said TELL ME. Tell me if you don't want ANY of your stories made into PDF's I will refuse any requests for them and be on the lookout for people requesting on storyfinders so I can help you out. Simply tell me is all. 

And I think that pretty much sums it up. I might add questions depending on whether I think of some. Comments will be screened. You can PM me or leave me a comment here if you have any concerns or questions.

Keep on writing though, you're doing a phenomenal job I mean it.

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