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Season 8: We Need To Talk About Kevin



Phew WOW the season started off with my heart racing and my blood pumping. Dean in purgatory? Hottest fucking thing this side of the freaking planet! Jesus Christ and Sam's hair *fans self* I think I might go into cardiac arrest talking about it.

But eh you want to hear my thoughts on the premiere huh? Figured as much, well here we go.

I thought the flashbacks were somewhat corny, not the content but how they got to the flashbacks tbh Sam's just WAY to calm for my liking. Like I understand the idea of Sam having PTSD and just shoving everything inside but he's too chill for me. Everything about him in this episode was too chill. Maybe SOME emotion or SOMETHING. Because without it Sam just appears like a douche. I sincerely hope the writers follow up on this in SOME WAY because I don't know if I can handle Sam acting like this all season it's so unlike him even dealing with things very traumatic ugh

ANYWAY I thought Dean was handled brilliantly  He's so on edge and angry which is what you'd expect from being dropped off in 'Gods armpit' as Dean calls it. THOUGH I hope maybe we can focus on his character development this season the raging hypocrite act was kind of cringe worthy. I mean I understand why he's upset that Sam didn't look for him but I guess you'd expect him to have some sort of compassion for Sam's situation and the statistics he was left with THOUGH I guess it just felt weird given Sam wasn't his usual bleeding heart self this episode he was rather cold and stoic. Something Dean was foreign too I suppose. I just hope it equals out in the end and this is all for a purpose instead of it being shitty writing. *crosses fingers*

Benny is particularly interesting to me. He seems like a Season 4 Ruby and OMG GUYS KEEPING SECRETS WORKED SO FUCKING WELL FOR YOU TWO IN THE PAST asdfghhjkllashsd lets not learn from our mistakes and make the audience cry and sob even more 


Kevin! Advanced Placement served him right! God I'm so in love with his character already because given what he's been through his character change was so WELL ACTED. 5 stars for Osric he did AMAZE BALLS. 

And of course Crowley is always flawless to me his little 'Kevin' yells were hilarious 

And Amelia she has some sass huh? I'm starting to like her even if we only seen her in flashbacks. Just omg that flashback of Sam carrying the dog? ugh all I could think about was how hard it was on Jared and that's why it was so emotionally action packed. ugh ugh ugh

And Dean's face when he was eating that cheeseburger omg it could be described as pure heaven!

Anyone love the title card this season? Guh it reminds me a little of Season 2 which is my favorite season so that made me happy!

Overall I was yelling and screaming all over the place WHICH IS GOOD. Because I was excited and interested! A few key things I pointed out in the beginning is making me sort of nervous BUT it's only the first episode overall I ENJOYED IT A LOT. Had a lot of things to squee over and think about!

Jared's hair anyone? Sweet jesus it's beautiful. Sorry had to say that again asdfghjkl

Did you see how Sam missed that first swing when aiming for the demon? Jesus. That was painful to watch yet understandable if Sam stopped hunting for a year and lived domestic bliss, remember Dean with Lisa? (Sorry Dean but I still don't understand why you can't see the parallels here asdfghjkl)

So a few questions to consider:

What is that weapon Dean has? We know it's from purgatory but I think later on it's going to have some significance I'd keep my eye on it.

What is wrong with Sam? Is there something we aren't considering or won't see yet? How do you think it'll play out for him over this season?

Will Kevin be riding with the Winchesters now? I can actually see that happening. Advanced placement comes in handy you know.

Benny and Dean? What's going on, what did they do down there? Is Castiel really dead? Or is something else amiss here?

Maybe good questions I think we should think about going into this Season! Hopefully the writers and Jeremy have a solid plan and all our little worries here will work out in the end!

And like the great Sashi on Tumblr put it:

welp. I’m happy.

And by happy, I mean the supernatural kind of happy, which means I’m actually wanting to dip myself in a vat of acid

Hope you all enjoyed the episode! I think a good show should make you think anyway! Here's the promo for next week:

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