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Hey all, how has your week been? Well yesterday I found out I was sick, it seemed to of had developed rather suddenly so now I am sitting here with a head cold hoping it'll go away by Monday.

Also today I got a new dog! It was supposed to be my Mom's dog but he seems attached to me right now. A friend of our family said he wandered into their yard 4 days ago and just never left. He has no collar nor tags and asking around the neighborhood about him produced nothing so we took him in. I wanted to call him Jack or Max but my nephew insisted I call him Harley so Harley it is. He is a boston terrier.


Today I basically did nothing but catch up on fandom related things, I received my assignments from spn_j2_xmas and my spn_reversebang is coming along really nice so all I all it's been good so far. How about you?
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