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100 fics that I love: #42

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}
He Had Me At Hello by nicb0723
Title: He Had Me At Hello
Author: nicb0723
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 48,879
Warnings: Death (NOT the boys)
Summary: After a devastating event that leaves Jared emotionless, he moves back to Canada for Megan’s last year of high school. When Megan gets a new job and comes home talking about a guy she works with named Jensen, Jared can't help but to start to have feelings again…

The emotions are very real and true in this. Nothing is too exagerated or shied away from. She really does portray tradegy and loss really well. Showing the pain and grief people go through and how sometimes it's harder for others to move on.

This is sad yes, even angsty but it gets better. Like Jared's emotions, they get better as you read along. Jensen begins to bring out the old Jared again and help him heal. They have a rocky start though but they, plsu Megan manage to get through it together.

I love it so much because the emotions, like I said previously, are so raw and bare. She has a great grasp on portraying real human emotions without doing the magic speed healing like some stories do. She sticks with it, and like the characters you go through it with them which gives you an emotional tie to the story.
Tags: 100 things challenge
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