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Van Con J2 Panel

And as promised, here is my little post on the Van Con J2 Panel!

First for some tweets that we got from the panel that I found funny/interesting/amusing:
  • On movies they regret doing. Jared: “I’ll DEVOUR you if you answer that question for me.” Jensen: “I bet you’d devour me in a NEW YORK MINUTE.”

  • “Fan wants Sam and Dean in Mountie uniforms. Jensen said they each have one already. Jared is wearing his now. #VanCon”

  • “Jared called Jensen Dean.” #VanCon

  • Thomas isn’t named after Thomas Kinkade (the painter Jared played in The Christmas Cottage). Jared says its just a “Good strong Texan name”.

  • Jared already having microphone trouble; Jensen making fun of him.

  • Jensen just let a fangirl stroke his stubble.

  • Jared scraped his back during a wrestling match at his bachelor party - the scrapes bled through his shirt on his wedding day.

  • Jared lost his 2 months of Thomas photos because he jumped off a boat with his phone in his pocket.

  • Jensen’s favorite blooper is him singing Eye of the Tiger.

  • Jensen says Jared has grown up less gassy than he was.

  • Jared:The plural of moose is “meeses”.

  • Panel is over - Jared is auctioning off party favours from his birthday party. Jensen is upset he didn’t get one because he was overseas.

  • Jensen would love to be in a superhero movie, Jared says he just wants to wear tights.

  • Jared confirms in the auto line that the S/D reunion has hugging involved.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
  • Jensen’s dad is gonna be in the season 8 episode Jensen directed!

Here are some pictures we got during the panel:



This was when Jared and Jensen were autioning some things off


Jensen helping Jared wipe his sweat unto the shirt. Ok now everyone goe 'awwwwwwww'


Some gracious padabooty *winks*


And this was the monstrosity of the poster that was left over from everyone signing in. Jared has some weird golden bowl cut to match his golden underwear. Jensen, Jesus Jensen is wearing some ring masters hat with colorful clothes to boot and some fix net stockings, not to forget his beautiful makeup as well.

And here is a video of J2 making funny faces per fans request: here

And I'm sure there is more vids ciculating by now but I'm kind of tired, so with ado I bid you all a goodnight!

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