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Van Con 12

Hey guys!

J2 are at it again, breaking hearts and making fangirls cry as per usual. I figured it'd been awhile since I made a Fandom type post like this and I wanted to fit in the little tweeting Jared did last night and Van Con going on today!. So be prepared for a little pic-spamy type information headway from van con. 

I repeat SOME tweets I may referance are SPOILERS FOR SEASON 8. I repeat SPOILERS. If you do NOT want to be spoiled. Please don't click.

First off Jared decided to tweet us yesterday to inform us all that he, Steve and Jensen were out bike riding than they decided to hit a bar and drink some. Pictures followed and it made us all cry and rage at j2 for being such perfect assholes all the time


Basically this was our first round of tweets we saw. omg Jared's hair is so fluffy *sobs*

Than Jared decided to give us all heart attacks with this tweet:


It only took about 15 mins or less for Steve to get about 12,000 followers. Basically everyone on tumblr was a drooling pathetic mess, people even made referances to the 'padapenis' them be dark times for fangirls.

And this is what Jared gave us:


Yes we all know. Jared is an asshole but he's such a pretty asshole ugh whhhhhhyyyyy?

And basically here were other photos that circulated during that time. With Steve coining them as the 'mand' when someone asked if they were in a boy band Steve said they were in a man band or the 'mand'


And this was the 'mand' out bike riding


Ok Ok and today Van Con started with the Jared and Jensen breakfast panel. 

Here's some spoilery tweets we got about Season 8:

The episode Jensen directed will be the third of the eight season. Jensen says they didn’t go easy on him - the episode is very Dean-heavy.

Episode four of season eight will be a “winchester-light” episode similar in style to ghostfacers, with lots of handheld cameras.

Happy spoiler from Jared’s M+G: Sam “did not abandon Dean”…says spoilers have been massively misinterpreted

Take all of this how you want too. 

Here are some pictures of those sexy assholes:


And this is Jared singing the 50 States Song: here

Sorry you have to watch it at the source but here are some gifs from the video!


Can this man be any more adorable!?!?

Answer? Hell yes!

Seeing as how the joint panel is coming up soon I'll be making a new post to update you all on that. Here are some other tweets we got that I found funny/interesting:

  • Jared says that Pellegrino would sit right off camera and be like “I’m gonna fucking kill you, Sam” during his emotional solo scenes

  • Baby is Back - Jensen says the impala has been souped up to where he can’t hear the action/cut calls over the roar of the engine

  • Jared in his spare time “getting pooped on, peed on, thrown up on” Jensen: “and that’s just me!’

  • Jensen says Jared incapable of keeping his hands to himself, always creating a mess, Jensen wants to reach over and slap his hands.

  • Jensen gives Jared napkins to fidget with instead of mic. “I’m gonna make a snowflake!”

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