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Brian Buckley Band Music Video 'I Am Human' Feat. Jared and Gen

Well 'tis finally here! While Brain Buckley Band music isn't really for me. The video was amazing and I think they did a great job showcassing the meaning of the song, which was basically I'm only Human, I make mistakes and I'm not perfect but can you accept me for that?

You can watch the new music video here

Jared. Oh man. He played the brooding toubled man to a T. Laying in bed with his full beard, sad and depressed than suddenly he gets the will to get up and fight for his girl (Gen!) the smoking was a nice touch, another mistake or fault that some people have to accept if you love someone. Since my whole family smokes I really don't care if someone does, I've learned to live with it basically so it doesn't turn me off or anything. (If anything he looked pretty hot smoking!) 

And than his little bow-tie and him shaving (omg hot right?) and him wandering around, looking nervous and a bit scared until he gets to the house with his little note cards and (surprise Gen!) and basically tells her he's only human and he very may let her down again, but of course he wants to try. And Gen's watery little smile at the end! So perfect.

The music isn't for me, but Jared was excellent in this! So refreshing seeing him basically acting in something else! Didn't know how much I missed him on screen (or on video heh) until now.

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