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Any Doctors or Nurses on the flist?

Well basically, I'm having a problem that requires anyone with medical knowledge.

I've been getting these bruises recently, like deep purple, black and blue bruises and they seem to come out of no where. I never notice them myself, since they are always on my thighs or my calf. My Mom points them out and asks what happened and I never have an answer. Because I can't recall ever hitting my legs that hard to form a bruise like that.

I normally always get bruises on my legs but of the off brown variety that go away in like a week. These bruises take much longer to go away and actually are very painful.

Any idea if this is something else going on? Or am I just clumsy and these bruises are all a coincidence? 

I have a photo of the latest bruise for reference.

Picture 002

And also I have some news. I was able to FINALLY get my computer desk in my room. It's basically been sitting in my living room collecting dust. And I decided to forgo waiting on my Mom and moved it in myself. Ignore the clutter and what not, I still have some cleaning up to do but basically this is what it looks like.

Picture 001

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