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Comic Con 2012

You guys don't know how immensely happy I am right now.

I stayed up since 5pm yesterday just to catch Comic Con and it was worth it. Ten Fold.

I admit it, I wasn't looking forward to Season 8 too much. I felt disappointed by the ending of Season 7 and thought with the new showrunner changes the show was a goner. I wasn't that enthused about the show, just watching simply because it's Supernatural. I couldn't quite understand when my spark just died out, why I wasn't as excited as I used to be. Pretty much it was making me depressed. I mean I love Supernatural. So I couldn't quite grasp why I wasn't omg excited like I was in previous Seasons, why I wasn't losing my mind during hiatus.

So going into Comic Con I was hoping for something to get my hopes up again. After Robert Singer leaving his idea of spoilers I was REALLY disheartened and just was like no omg not Season 4 and 5 again. I wanted something different.

Plus, lately Ben Edlund has been bothering me immensely because I felt like he wasn't understanding the show past Castiel anymore.

All in all I was annoyed and frustrated.

Let me tell you, all the tweets and news we learned about the upcoming Season has made me SUPER happy. It's uplifted my spirits about the Season and I can not WAIT till it airs. I'm just so excited all around, the plots and ideas sound wonderful and I'm really happy the show seems to be getting back on track again.

So now I'm sitting here with a huge grin on my face eager to see some videos of Comic Con and HOPEFULLY someone was able to capture the teaser gag reel they always show.

I'm just glad to have my faith restored again.

Not to forget: JARED AND JENSEN!


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