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Rec'ing is in my blood

Well surprise, surprise. I actually signed up for rocksalt_recs J2 and both Gen. J2 in Sept. and Gen in Oct.

It's fairly obvious by now that I enjoy rec'ing fics. And it's no trouble at all to come up with 3 recs, and even 8 if I wanted. I'll include vids, art and maybe meta and some crafts. I don't listen to podfics so that's out of the question.

I just hope that the mods enjoy the recs and my style. I wouldn't mind being an invited reccer.

I love being prepared ahead of time the only sucky thing is with getting months far off I can't code everything ahead of time. I could but new recs are prepared so I won't know what's new till I get there. Hopefully I'll get it all right. Wish me luck.
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