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Weekly Recs Wednesday


Confined Spaces by obsidianromance
Rating: R
Word Count: 8,740
Summary: Jared is pregnant with twins and still somehow managing to fill his job as a secretary for his boss Jensen Ackles. Jensen secretly crushes on Jared daily and wishes he could be the babies father. Both Jensen and Jared get off work late and Jensen escorts Jared to the elevator. The elevator breaks down in spectacular fashion, and as luck would have it that's when Jared goes into labor! Jensen helps deliver the babies and keeps him calm as a squad tries to rescue them.
Rec'ers commentary: A most glorious fill for my prompt. I absolutely adore this. She did such a good job with showing Jared's fear without making him a wuss and Jensen being just this perfect human being. Plus she plans on turning it into a verse!

Some Nights by moviegeek03
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 16,000
Summary: Jared is used to having his life decided for him. His crappy genes -not to mention his parents- have been running the show now since before he was old enough to walk. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, Jared finally takes his life into his own hands by moving out and starting college and nothing is going to ruin it for him, not his illness, not his overbearing parents. Life is finally going his way. And then he meets Jensen…
Rec'ers commentary: Another new fic from her, about Jared having a medical condition. I can already tell this is going to be an excellent verse and I can't wait to read more!

The Prestige by skagtrendy1
Rating: K
Word Count: 13,326
Summary: Following an interview with The Great Raymondo, Stage Magician extraordinaire, Sam disappears, and Dean is left frantically searching for him.
Rec'ers commentary: An oldie, but goodie. A very intriguing baddy with Sammy in peril and Dean to the recuse! What more enticement do you need?

Sammy's Own by CiZiwejes
Rating: K+
Word Count: 2,019
Summary: There was just one little thing Sammy won't have anyone take away from him without having to face a furious tantrum.
Rec'ers commentary: An adorable little wee!chesters that feature a very possessive Sammy. No one takes Dean away from his Sammy.

Games We Don't Want To Play by obsidianromance
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Summary: "When Sam was kicked out of his house he didn't just bring his books and stuff with him. He also brought a little present from Dean; a baby. But Sam being Sam, he was too scared to tell Dean of the news so he leaves without ever telling Dean that he's pregnant and isn't it Dean's surprise that when he stops by Stanford to check on Sam that Sam isn't as lean and ganky as he remembers. Sam's 7 months pregnant."
Rec'ers commentary: This was yet again another prompt fill for me that took on a life of it's own! What an excellent story. It was everything I wanted and more so. A lot of angst, heartache, schmoop and adorable baby moments. Plus there is a sequel on the way!


Great Wall of Sam by petite_madame

Rec'ers commentary: Reviving this favorite of mine. Such a beautiful look at Sam's mind and what happens when things trickle out from behind the wall. Haunting and chilling.

9 Pounds by kamidiox

Rec'ers commentary: John and Baby Sammy! How adorably cute is this?

Almost Kiss by huntinghounds

Rec'ers commentary: A beautiful sketch drawing of Sam and Dean. I love the shading, such a beautiful yet simple technique that worked beautifully for this piece.

In blood by blakravell

Rec'ers commentary:A beautiful piece of Dean with some blood on him, love the lighting and highlighting in this.

Don't Fidget by orukaz

Rec'ers commentary:I'm just forever in love with this piece. Not only the imagery but the beautiful colors, and their facial expressions and just guh I just adore it ok?

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