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Been having fun with this new meme. I got a bunch of prompts scattered about and have gotten two great fills!

Crawl Your Knees Off by fromcainwthlove
Summary: Jealous Bar Owner!Jensen over pole dancer Jared when another man tries to take what's his.

Looks Can be Deceiving by slf630
Summary: Jensen gets off on the idea that everyone believes Jared tops him. Everyday he comes home and fucks Jared senseless using new toys and new ways to keep things interesting and he always smiles at the end remembering how everyone believes Jensen to be the bottom.

Jared of course always teases Jensen and secretly loves the consequences afterwards.

As well as filled one myself!

Piercing Love
Summary: Jensen discovers Jared has a nipple ring.

Head on over and leave some prompts, fill some or just read!
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