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PDF Request Post

-Every fandom is ok
-While I will do long stories. Anything over 30 chapters is kind of pushing it. Parts are your friends, chapters are bad
-Just provide me with a link to the story you want to be made into a PDF
-I'll take up to two stories per person
-NO WIP's stories must be complete that goes for verses as well
-Please provide your email so I can send them to you when they are done
-PLEASE make sure that the story you want converted to PDF is one that the author is willing to share. I've run into trouble recently with people asking for fics authors don't want to be shared. Hey, I understand if you don't know and I don't know nothing we can really do. But it's always best to check and make sure ahead of time yeah?

I also have my PDF Masterpost where I house all the PDF's I keep for myself and share with everyone else. Feel free to take a look.
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