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100 Fics That I Love: #027

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

In no particular order: Flick of a Switch by sammygirl1963

Title: Flick of a Switch
Author: sammygirl1963
Pairing: None/Gen
Rating: T
Word Count: 32,677
Warnings: None given.
Summary: When Sammy's visions go haywire and start attacking him physically, will the Winchesters and the other hunters
be able to save him?

Everyone needs some nice John once in awhile right? He couldn't have been an ass all the time? This is where this story comes in. Sometimes she can write John as pretty much an ass who always says something he didn't mean to say, the sort of foot in the mouth syndrome we all know John had then she writes stories where John is caring, kind and nurturing. Another side to John we rarely saw.

In this Sam's visions go haywire and start attacking him physically. That means much whumped Sam with some delicious brotherly H/C we all know and love. Dean is rightly freaked out by this but he stays at his brother's side through, even the elusive John comes to them when Dean calls and they both do their best to protect Sam from the monster that is attacking him so cruelly.

This also features, Caleb, Bobby and Joshua. Two hunters we've only seen once or heard of. I love how she writes them, I love seeing other hunters being all caring for Sam and Dean as well. They all have an awesome dynamic together. Which spins this story into an awesome, family type H/C.

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