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Season 7: Survival of the Fittest

Wow so today has been a very stressful interesting day. Today I got my license and planned on having this epic Supernatural cry-looza with mylifewithin but my Mom has been admitted to a hospital so my plans have very much derailed. I missed all of Supernatural, so I had to download it. Then I am hitting the hay after I write this. (more on this with another personal post yay? enough real life talk)

BUT here is the review...

Well I was spoiled from the very beginning, so nothing was a surprise to me. Though I had to swim through the enormous well negativity surrounding this episode and well ok I will admit this. I really liked it.

If I wouldn't have spoiled myself I probably would have liked it WAY more because the punchline is amazing and unexpected. But as it stands, I still like where this is going.

Key points I do like was basically everything with Bobby, I knew he was going to turn vengeful and watching him choke Sam, almost kill him, while under this uncontrollable itch as he calls it is both heartbreaking and interesting. I think for a hunter it really put into perspective that monster side they always kill, a lot of the times with shades of grey without thinking about it because the ghost is killing people. I mean if they ever truly dug deep enough to realize why some of these ghosts turn violent the job would be ten times harder, you need that distance of sorts when it comes to hunting. The moment when they burned the flask (Burned awful damn quickly lol) and Bobby's last speech to them both just ugh right in the gut ok? Because it's a father's greatest advice really for a Winchester, given what they've been through.

All the scenes with Dick and such were creepy and I think a little over done. I was really disappointed with how they killed him and how easy it seemed to be. That just spells the mother of all, all over again. THOUGH the way he went out was pretty badass in my opinion (Though I still find it unbelievable that the weapon of god had blast radius that only reached the width of Dean and Cas)

It wasn't the best episode in the history of episodes, or even the best finale, though I think it wins in surprise factor. But I was as disappointed as I was lead to believe I would be after reading everyone's reactions to it.

I think it's a nice culmination, and hey NEW idea that's chilling and more horror story. I mean how do you even begin to show purgatory? Or even Hell but Supernaturals set and prop department did it wonderfully because the scenery is chilling.

One thing I was kind of disappointed with through was Castiel, once again. While his randomness is amusing sometimes I find it just downright silly now. Where did he poof off too? Why did he leave Dean by himself? Just generally what the hell? That's all I can to describe this character anymore since he changed so drastically, it seems so stale right now. I'm at the point where I just don't care, no feelings or anything just nothing.

But this leaves us with a lot of interesting meta. Sam, when without Dean for long periods of time. (Mystery Spot, the summer Dean was in Hell etc.) breaks down and turns into like this sociopath. I wish I could find a post a friend of mine made about Sam and his tendencies because it was brilliant and would better explain myself. Just think about Sam when Dean was in Hell, then add in the factor Sam has no idea where Dean is and he is LITERALLY alone. No Bobby, some advanced placement profit, demons after his ass likely, Charlie maybe and Jody? Like how will Sam function. He looked like he was about to break down crying and I wouldn't blame him.

Also, penny for you thoughts originally if the writers strike didn't happen Kripke intended for Sam to pull Dean out of hell. Maybe this is something like that? How will Sam know? How will Dean fare? What the hell will happen to the Impala??!?! And Meg? What is Crowley up to? Being a hellish ass I suppose? So many possibilities. While I don't like Sam and Dean separated, I think Season 8 will be filled with that intense angst that kills us all. And I like that.

What do you think?

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