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I'm back

Well the internet guy came out today to look over our modem and connection to see what was wrong. I still have no idea what the hell was wrong but it's all fixed. Everything runs as fast as it should and I have my speeds back! I still feel bad but knowing my internet is fixed has helped a lot.

So if you asked for a PDF during this time and I haven't already sent it out, please send me a comment here so I know. Like I said I forgot a lot, and I saved as many emails/comments as I could and I could have very well missed some. It's best to resend your request here just in case.

I also finally got skagtrendy1's Hunter of the Shadows books in one zip file:

And I have two new PDF's I'm going to add to my masterpost, have a check to see! I'm also going to continue on with my 100 favorites fics challenges. I just posted my latest.

I have my j2noauchallenge to post May 2nd with my awesome artist darklondonsky! Plus my abused_sammy prompt story! So everything is good :D Hope you all have a great day.
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