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Season 7: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I was so dead beat tired watching this. I didn't even get to watch it with mylifewithin this time, I was afraid I'd clock out and face plant on my keyboard. Which I almost didn't see this episode because I woke up about 10 minutes into it.

Well after the episode is said and done, I think it fell a little flat with me. I guess I wanted to see more Sam and Dean throughout this. Charlie was a delight though, I found myself really liking her. Dean's little 'tips' for flirting was hilarious. Considering probably all those lines he told her to use were probably lines women have used on him that worked previously. Who are we kidding I'm sure half of the time Dean doesn't even hear the lines women throw at him. Hey once a manwhore always a manwhore :D

What I really loved was watching Bobby throughout, trying to walk that thin line so not to turn into what they hunt. I guess the pull must be strong, that need for revenge and vengeance, anger. I wonder if half of the time vengeful spirits are born simply because the pull to become one is just to strong to resist or ignore. Bobby has some perseverance but that's a heavy load to be resisting.

Though it was nice to get some answers to these questions. I feel the last three episodes will be very action packed, it'll make my head spin. This was sort of a build up episode I can see, setting things into motion and planting ideas into our heads.

So let's have a best guess here. What does Dick Roman and the Leviathans want? What is their ultimate end game?

Is Frank really dead or are the leviathans keeping him somewhere?

So many questions need to be answered and it's killing me that I don't have these answers but heh that's what suspense is all about! The show certainly likes to keep us in the dark.

Bobby taking out Dick Roman was both awesome and heartbreaking at the same time. You can see that he has a lot of pent up rage and for a spirit that's just not good. Makes you wonder how in the hell can you take the head off the animal? Kill Dick Roman? Seems like it's impossible seeing how dangerous these creatures are but really nothing is impossible with Sam and Dean. They'll figure out something, I know they will they've gotten this far which is an amazing feat on it's own.

Any more possibility of seeing Charlie again? I liked her, she was smart, awkward, dorky and funny. That seems to spell out pretty much everyone of us right now. Thanks for the rep Charlie! Haha

Anyone ready for the doozy that is 21? The promo was confusing as hell but I never really judge an episode off of it because a lot of things can change. And here's a neat fact, Ben Edlund has written this episode and he;s directing this. If I am not mistaken this would be his directorial debut, at least maybe for Supernatural I'm not sure if he's directed before.

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