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Season 1 rewatch

Well yesterday I finished my Season 1 rewatch and have to say, it was really fun and refreshing watching Season 1 again. There  had been some episodes I haven't seen in a really long time and it was nice watching the Season as a whole again. I plan to watch Seasons 1-6 again and have a huge rewatch. I'm on Season 2 now.

With this being said I decided to come on after every finished Season and do a recap with you all. I want to at least excite and or reinvigorate you all about the show again. I see I got a lot of great responses and commentary about episodes and the show in general in my last post about it, so I figured why the hell not?

  • Young Sammy with his bangs is so freaking cute! I forgot how cute and innocent he was.
  • Season 1 had a lot of emotional impact I forgotten about. Really thrown me for an emotional loop
  • Asylum, Faith and Scarecrow are three heavy hitters right after the other. Now I know why it was easier waiting weeks between them to watch them when they first aired.
  • Dean's playful personality was a real treat to watch, he was smiling and very funny throughout. Yer very serious and passionate about his family. It was nice seeing that spark again.
  • While I still don't really like John it was also nice seeing him and the boys together.
  • I'm still in love with the set up through the season and the winding of the demon and it's plot. I loved the feeling of watching episodes and knowing there was something much bigger than this small family. That something big was happening.
  • The dialogue was snappy and very witty. Love picking out key quotes I didn't notice before. Like with Meg in Shadow when Sam sees her at the bar and questions that he thought she was in California and Meg responded with: "I came, I saw, I conquered and I also met this Michael Murray guy." Michael Murray un-doubtfully being Chad and Chad being a good friend of Jared's. Anyone catch that before?
  • I miss so much the MOTW episodes, they were inventive, scary and fun to watch and unravel. The pace was nice while the plot was growing bigger and bigger.
So that's my recap and I welcome everyone to post about Season 1 here! What you loved or hated, gifs or pictures from Season 1 you like to share, episodes you love watching or anything about the characters. Feel free to come and talk Season 1 over with me or anyone else! I like the feel my last post invoked. Everyone was happy and talking about what they loved about the show, I think a lot of people seem to be missing the point recently with the show and are thus losing their love for it! So have fun!

Gif by snj2_fan

Favorite episode of Season 1?

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