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Season 7: Of Grave Importance

Once again I'm watching this episode with mylifewithin and I knew beforehand that this episode was going to give me the dying urge to find more Bobby icons since I am sorely lacking.

I definitely wasn't disappointed, even as I type this I'm itching to look for more! I definitely liked the whole set up of this episode, I knew Bobby's ghost was attached to the flask and Dean always brings it with him everywhere.

Here's a quick little meta. Did anyone else notice the haunted mansion from playthings? Less vines and growth, with less scary darkness and it's the same house. Pretty amazing how they can change it from what it was in playthings to what it is now. Loads of difference, all depends on the atmosphere I guess.

Is it just me or does anyone else find it amusing all THREE of them has been with this girl? Reminds me a little bit of Ellen actually and trying to picture Dean or Sam with Ellen keeps putting up DNW signs everywhere. Just no.....hahaha

I really like hearing most of this from Bobby's POV, I like the other ghosts and seeing what ghosts see. It's interesting, we never think about it because we're always seeing things from Sam and Dean's side, seeing how much of nuisances and monsters these ghosts can be. It was nice to get the flip side for a change.

Watching Bobby describe his hardships as a new ghost is amusing. Like not grasping things. I would have went insane by then, Bobby has a lot of patience that's for sure.

And surprise!Dean in shower \0/ That was a welcomed surprise. You should have heard mine and mylifewithin's squeal of delight. Ok we only saw an arm but a sexy arm! Than seeing Dean's hair all wet in that t-shirt hmmmmmm YUMMY. I vouch for shower!Sam next episode Y/Y?

Probably the funniest thing is we squealed LOUDER when Bobby was writing his message in the mirror. You could see Dean's almost non belief, poor boys, trying so hard to move on. Sam trying to rationalize that they were seeing these things just because they miss him then to realize that he really is there. Definitely dredging up old wounds that never healed.

Now it seems as if the boys have to set free the ghosts and kill a horrible man, whose a ghost. Does anyone have a headache after that? Hahaha. I like it, unique and fun. A ghost killing another ghost, draining them and gaining power. It's different.

"I'm a fancy lady."

"A hooker."


Hahahahahahaha. Fancy lady is of course a more polite term for hooker, but I like how Victoria detested the word. Bobby's little quips throughout are the best. "They're a little slow since I last saw them." Then they look down thinking they're standing on here. Just silly things, but once again it's a lot to take in at once. It must be horrible knowing that Bobby is there but they have to finish the job and they can't do anything about it.

I knew. I KNEW. That the creepy ghost dude slipped the key in the bag to follow them. I CALLED THAT. Seriously that man is fucking creepy looking, weird mustache, pale face, creepy dark eyes. *shudders*

Then they play tug a wheel with a ghost. Dean's face is great during that, just wide eyes of disbelief. Like, what the fuck a ghost is trying to wreck the car!

Bobby is right though, he still got his stuff. He's not done, he has things he has to do. I'm proud Annie wants to find some peace, most hunters would have been driven mad with becoming what they hunted. She was taking is rather well, I don't envy her position but if it came with staying in that house for eternity or finding peace well I know what I would pick, I'm glad she made the right decision for that.

Want to talk about squealing. We squealed even LOUDER much LOUDER than before when the boys could see Bobby. Just Sam and Dean's faces of shock, as if they were seeing a mirage. Poor boys *hugs them*

It seems to be a reacquiring theme that the boys and Bobby never say what they truly meant. Sure Bobby is staying to finish business but what he really wanted to do was stay with the boys, Bobby's "What? Stay with you?" Like it should be obvious to them, to Dean but I think Dean's having a hard time trying to figure out why Bobby would stay on this hell hole earth just for them.

Sad shot of Bobby :C I just wish the boys would understand WHY Bobby did what he did. He didn't just do it to finish what they started, he did it to be with them, look out for them. That's definitely admirable.

Now I'm curious to know, they can see Bobby now but no one else can? Can leviathans see ghosts? What other ghosts may Bobby see? I'm really curious with this new aspect.

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