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100 Fics That I Love: #003

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

In no particular order: Bring me to Life by Alienat

Title: Bring Me To Life
Author: alienat
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, Paul Johansson/Jared Padalecki
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 81,000
Warnings: rps, language, angst, explicit m/m sexual situations, bottom!Jared, violence, graphic non-con/rape, mentions physical child abuse, infidelity, minor character death
Summary: Jared’s a shy young man, whose life has never been easy. His father hates him, his mother drinks her sorrows away and his husband Paul treats him like he is nothing more than a beautiful toy. When his husband has to go away on a business trip to Europe for two months, he sends Jared away to a ranch in the middle of nowhere to keep him under control. There, Jared meets people who show him what love, friendship and loyalty mean for the first time in his life. Can he escape his life and finally find some love and happiness for himself?

I seem to have a weakness for vulnerable!Jared. Why? Because I find it interesting to explore why such a big, strong even intimidating man has such a soft center. Jared is just plain interesting! And I love reading fics where people explore other sides of him that we may not see.

AU's are fun for a whole slew of reasons. This definitely has all the workings of a well written AU. You have two otherwise seemingly different men meeting up by pure coincidence but that's all you need with Jared and Jensen. They're more intertwined then first expected and that proves why they were meant to be.

And isn't that just how it always is? Meant to be. This has the great workings of the 'soul mates' without explicitly stating they are. You just know it, from the first moment they meet when Jared is shy and awkward and Jensen is intrigued. This is one of my favorite Big Bangs to date, and I know any newcomer to the J2 fandom would fall ass over heels in love with the fic, because it is a great read, with strong supporting characters and a very evil villain. With, of course, the romantic pairing that lasts till the end.

Tags: 100 things challenge
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