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The Things You Do 5/?

Title: The Things You Do
Summary: With Dean's deal winding down Sam and Dean seem to be dwindling apart all for different causes but on there last hunt the wrong words slip out which causes Dean to see Sam or should I say Sammy in a new light. De-aged fic set in season 3.

Sammy cuddled the bear close as if it were a baby. The bear's soft cotton exterior was already growing on him. He couldn't bear to let it go. Sammy giggled at his own joke. Setting the bear next to him he tucked it under his blanket at the moment which was Deanie's jacket. He never noticed the woman approaching him.

Ruby watched the small child in the cart and before she even got a glimpse of his face she knew it was Sam Winchester. At first she wanted to laugh. I mean this was fucking hilarious.

On the other hand she was angry. Angry at shortbus for letting this happen when he knows times are rather dangerous and not only supernatural things but people are all gunning for the boy king.

Walking over to the cart in her regular skin she waited till the child stopped fiddling with the bear.

"Hey Sammy lookin' a little small there French fry." Ruby stated sarcastically as she leaned on the cart.

Sammy was drawn out of his stupor when a strange woman approached the cart and started to talk to him. The woman knew his name and was leaning all in his personal space. Daddy always told him not to talk to strangers but he never showed him what to do when a stranger approaches him and even knows his name. Not knowing what else to do he screamed for Deanie. Maybe Deanie could come and kick this ladies butt.


Dean was skimming through the mounds of shirts randomly picking out ones that he knew Sammy would like. Even though he knew Sammy really didn't care what he wore at that age. Holding up a t-shirt he smiled at the saying on it.



Dean smiled as he tossed it in. The t-shirt was true. Sammy learned everything from him. Even if dad tried to teach him he wouldn't grasp a concept until Dean showed him how.

Dean paused as he thought about that. Yeah, Sammy learned everything from him so Sammy also inherited that self-sacrificial manner that not only his dad but also himself carried. The do or die attitude flowed freely through his being. That's why it was an easy choice when he was making the deal. Go out in a blaze of glory and also save Sammy. It was a win-win situation at the time.

But he expected when he died, that Sam would get on with his life. Go back to Stanford maybe. Even find a stable house to live in.

How could he expect that of Sam? When Sam was growing up Dean was a hero in his little brother's eyes. He could do no wrong. Sammy tried everything in his will power to act like him, talk like him, and dress like him. Everything.

That was until Sammy finally became independent and morphed into his own person but Dean still knew that Sam thought the world of him.

So asking Sam to just lie down and accept that he's going to hell sounded real ludicrous at the moment. Dean began to even wonder if he was thinking things logically when he made that remark.

Dean was interrupted when he heard the scream of his little brother calling out to him in fear. Swiftly turning around he analyzed the situation and turned hard eyes at the person near Sam.

Marching over to the cart he turned the woman around.

"Hey shortbus long time no see."

"Ruby?" Dean stated incredulously as he stared at the demon before him.

Feeling a little disturbed as the hair stood up on his neck he quickly undid Sammy's seat to hold him close.

Sammy immediately curled into the embrace as he hid his head into the crook of Dean's neck.

"Small world huh?" Ruby sarcastically stated.

"What are you doing here?" Dean questioned as his eyes narrowed looking for any kind of threat.

Ruby looked at him like he had two heads. "What am I doing here? Better question would be what are you doing here? No let me rephrase that. What the hell are you doing here with a Sam that's still in diapers?"

Dean stood there transfixed. The gall of that bitch. "Does it matter or concern you? I don't think so. So you better do your little chant…" Dean lowered his voice for the next part. "…and go back to hell like a good little demon."

Ruby narrowed her eyes as a scowl formed on her face. She crossed her arms as her eyes briefly flashed black only to go back to there original color. "Well excuse me for trying to help save Sam's ass since it looks like your doing a pretty piss poor job at the moment."

Dean clenched his teeth as the statement hit home. "I'm doing just fine go be a bitch somewhere else."

Ruby smiled. "Suit yourself shortbus. I guess you don't want to hear about all the supernatural creatures and people gunning for little Sammy at the moment. Oh well Sammy sure lived a good life."

Dean's breathing picked up a little at that as he reached out a hand to stop Ruby from leaving. "What do you mean? Who's coming after Sammy?" Dean questioned fearfully as he held the trembling toddler a little tighter.

Ruby smiled again. "I knew you couldn't resist. Listen I know you're going to Bobby's so I'll meet you there and explain. Just watch out for your brother till then. Got it?"

Dean didn't question how she knew where they were going he just gave a gruff nod and watched as she disappeared into the crowd.

Feeling uncomfortable as other people stared at him in question he immediately decided that he had enough clothes for Sammy and began wondering down the aisles for a car seat.

Sammy shifted in his hold as he lifted his head looking around him. "Whose tat?" Sammy questioned.

Dean smiled at Sam's inquisitive nature. "Just an acquaintance." Dean stated his voice showing he didn't want to talk about it further.

Sammy accepted the answer. "Otay. Can Sammy get down now?" Sammy squirmed in the vice like grip wanting down into the seat once again.

Dean shook his head. He didn't feel at ease if Sammy wasn't in his arms. With Ruby's warning he couldn't take any chances. "No squirt I just feel like…" Dean tampered off trying to find the right words to say.

Sammy understood what Deanie was doing. His daddy did it too. His daddy would hold him all throughout the stores even if he could walk. His daddy's answer was he wanted to hold Sammy because it's safer. Sammy didn't mind being held. "Otay."

Dean sighed as he ruffled Sammy's hair. "Let's get you a car seat huh?"

Sammy grinned as he happily clapped his hands at the prospect of getting something.

One hour later Dean had a freshly dressed Sammy with a new car seat all in the back.

Looking in the rear view mirror he could tell that Sammy was merrily playing with the new bear and was oblivious to the dangers he might be in.

Dean shivered. Ruby's warning scared the crap out of him. Demons lie but Ruby seemed genuinely concerned with Sam's welfare. Though Dean and Ruby were on a hate-hate relationship Dean could tell that Ruby truly didn't want something bad to happen to Sammy so he took the warning with stride. Going down backwater roads and taking the longer route as opposed to the busy highway.

The sooner they get to Bobby's the safer Sammy will be. Only 30 minutes away. He kept telling himself as he kept a constant eye on the passenger in the back seat.

Pulling up in Bobby's salvage yard at about 8:30 Dean shut off the engine as he sat in the car for a minute. He cringed as he thought about the ear full he would receive.

Now or never. Getting out of his baby he opened up the back door to undo Sammy from his seat. Seeing his brother sleeping peacefully Dean smiled happy that Sammy was getting some rest without another nightmare. His brother was vigorously sucking on his thumb as he clutched his new bear with the other arm.

Easing Sammy out of the seat he carried the sleeping toddler up to the front door. Taking a quick breath he knocked on the door.

Bobby Singer was not a happy man.

Having had his heart almost stop at the frantic message he received earlier from Dean and on top of that left to worry for hours wondering what those two idgits got themselves into left Bobby in a rather grumpy mood.

Nursing a beer in his recliner he anxiously waited for there arrival so after he's done hugging them he can beat the tar out of them for worrying him.

Checking the clock it boldly stated 8:33. "I ain't getting any younger boy." Bobby grumbled under his breath.

Hearing knocking on the door he sighed in relief as he set his almost empty beer down.

Walking over to the door, frown firmly in place he jerked it open and stood stunned.

There Dean was putting on a weak smile while holding a child in his hands.

"Hey Bobby." Dean stated wearily as he readjusted Sammy's weight. "Listen-" But before he could continue he was cut off.

"Boy did you get some girl pregnant or something!" Bobby stated with surprise as he stared at the little child snuggled up against Dean's chest.

Dean's eyes flew wide at that one. "No, no listen-"

"If you did I'm going to tan your backside with my belt! You're still not too old for me to do it!"

Dean took an involuntary step backwards. No! Listen Bobby damnit it's Sam."

Bobby's anger soon turned to concern. Now finally realizing the youngest wasn't there he became worried. "Where's Sammy what happened to him?"

Dean smiled as he held out the bundle so Bobby could get a good look at the kids face. "Here he is."

Bobby stood transfixed as his jaw dropped open. He wouldn't have believed it if he heard it but the little boy who was busy sucking on his thumb and clutching a toy bear with the other arm was indeed Sammy. His Sammy. The little boy who stole his heart the day he laid eyes on him. The little boy with a curly mop of brown curls and twinkling inquisitive eyes as he asked a million questions. The little boy that was currently curled against Dean.

The little boy that is supposed to be an extremely tall young man.

Looking astonished he quickly replaced his surprised look with seething anger. "Just what the hell did you do you idgit?" Bobby whispered fiercely as his eyes narrowed considerably.

Dean smiled as he pulled Sammy back to him. "You see it's a funny story."

Chapter Six

Tags: de-aged, fandom: supernatural, fic: the things you do, genre: gen
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