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Signed up for spn_summergen/Dear Writer Letter

I have just signed up for spn_summergen I didn't get a chance to last year but this year I definitely had to do it! I'm super excited since Gen is definitely by better forte.

Also the mod suggested about creating a Dear Writer letter on your livejournal so the writer of your story can come and get a better idea of what you like/don't like. I thought that was an awesome idea so I figured I'd give it a go.

Thank you so much for signing up and writing something for me. You don't know how excited I am over that. I tried to keep my prompts as basic as can be because as a fellow writer I understand the value of wriggle room. If you notice my prompts they seem basic/overdone already but that's only because I prefer basics to anything snazzy. It doesn't take much to make me smile. I'm a hurt!Sam girl all the way so all my prompts reflect that. I love Dean and or John initiating hurt/comfort whenever possible and I love exploring genres most don't read. Like mpreg or even de-aged fics.

I generally don't like hurt!Dean at all, nothing personal just a preference of mine and prefer none of the short in my story. Simple, basic, easy. Is the streamlined idea with me. Hell I don't mind just an 1,000 word fic, of more depending on what suits you. Anything is fine with me.

Thanks again for being willing to write my fic! I know I'll love it.

Thanks, Cherry

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