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Weekly Recs Wednesday


No Smooth Sailing (Just You and Me Fumbling Along) by the_milky_way
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 675
Summary: “All Jensen hears when he opens the door to Jared’s trailer is cursing. It’s not a rare occurrence, far from it even. It’s the choice words that make Jensen stop for a second and stare."
Rec'ers commentary: A very short, but sweet little fic about Jared being clumsy and cutting himself, while Jensen fixes the problem.

The Road To Confidence by Aecoris
Rating: T
Word Count: 88,446
Summary: Sequel to 'The Missing Piece'. 8 years later. John leaves the boys and the 2 of them find themselves in the middle of the hunt. All the while both boys are taking small steps to gain confidence in places where it didn't exist before.
Rec'ers commentary: This is a Sequel to the fic 'The Missing Piece' about how things went differently from the Pilot. Dean and John thought Sam was dead, but surprisingly Sam was put into a foster care system and paralyzed.

Full Circle by heatherofnight
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Summary: Dean Winchester had left the world of hunting behind him years ago but when he meets super sexy, sweet and smart Sam Roberts, who badly needs his help, he finds himself getting drawn back into the life.
Rec'ers commentary: Another fabulous AU, where things go down different roads but still end up the same. Sam and Dean are brothers, but they start a relationship before knowing this fact. That won't stop them though.

Maybe Somebody's Coming and I Don't Know by longsufferingly
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,100
Summary: Jared's a workaholic architect looking for his caffeine fix. Instead he finds Jensen.
Rec'ers commentary: A sweet, little fic where Jared is a workaholic and expecting to find a fix in coffee but he finds Jensen, a laid back guy who works at the coffee shop, instead.

The Walking Dead by phx69
Rating: K+
Word Count: 25,728
Summary: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is listening, does it make any sound? And what if that tree is a Sasquatch?
Rec'ers commentary: I loved this ending more than original Season 6. Because it's so heartbeaking to see Sam and Dean out of loop, and Sam is especially saddening in this. Tugs at your heart strings.


Lost Soul by elfqueen1969

Rec'ers commentary: An up close portrait of soulless Sam. I think what I love the most is she nailed his soulless look perfectly. That sets him apart from Sammy.

Deep in Thought by blakravell

Rec'ers commentary: A very beautiful portrait of Jensen. I especially love the gorgeous coloring and how well she did his hair/beard.

Wincest by Concainejia

Rec'ers commentary: A gorgeous shadow outline of Sam and Dean. And I mean gorgeous. The shadows are absolutely perfect. It leaves a lot to the imagination.

Lucifer-Sam by Lasse17

Rec'ers commentary: Another gorgeous portrait, this time of Samifer. Just absolutely stunning.

Chill Out by kamidiox

Rec'ers commentary: A very hilarious little comic after Jared and Gen have their baby.

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