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Season 7: Party On Garth

For a very honorable mention mylifewithin just got be a fuck ton of icon space and I am SUPER happy. So if you see a bunch of icons deleted or new you know what I'll be doing.

And in an also equally hilarious inside joke, if me and mylifewithin ever crack up laughing or turn red when hearing the word 'salt' please run away.

So on with the episode! mylifewithin and I of course watched it together again.

Oh Garth, that's all I have to say. He's just this clumsy, awkward hunter you just sympathize with for some reason. I love all the sequences of the music and slow walking because somehow I can picture Garth imagining himself as this action hero or actor. He seems to like to dress up and play the parts much more than Sam and Dean do. I don't blame him for wearing the 'money suits' as Dean calls them.

For as much as we watch Supernatural I always have a moment where I shake my head and say, "No you're NOT supposed to camp in the woods and tell scary stories. No when you see a ghost don't chase after it!" *shakes head* They will never learn huh?

Now from what I gather you have to be drunk to see the ghost. And now the motto from last weeks preview rings true: Friends Don't Let Friend's Hunt Drunk.

That's for damn sure.

When's the last time we've seen Sam and Dean actually drink together? I just find it incredibly funny that a case would have to force them to work drunk.

Oh Garth, yet again. He's a giggly drunk that's incredibly adorable for some reason and how he can get drunk just from one beer.  Ha! Sam's little smirk at the end when he abandons Garth to Dean is priceless.

Mr. Fizzles I believe his name was? The sick puppet? Omg what other hunter would use a sock puppet to get information? Like how did he get the sock puppet? Did he make it? Does he carry it around with him always or just for kids? lol This is all important information haha

Then the boys literally having to get drunk and see something, then being caught with their pants down. Oh boys, how you gonna explain this? Well no need luckily Garth carries tazers!

Garth is so prepared. He's the only hunter who will carry tazers AND a sock puppet. I just find that so amusing and I couldn't quite possibly explain why.

I think the ghost was really interesting and definitely something new. I like the idea of more Japanese myths, I keep getting flashbacks to Yellow Fever when Bobby recited Japanese :C

Never the less they have to hunt drunk and that's something I find INCREDIBLY funny. Especially since hunting drunk is something you're not supposed to do.

Of course it's Garth who figures it out first, then rushes to the Brewery all drunk and of course flies through some windows. Bet ya Garth would of loved that he looked cool doing it.

I just love how they're are all flopping around like fish.

"My right." Oh Sammy haha

So Bobby's flask is allowing him to stay tethered to Sam and Dean? Whatever the reason I'll take it! It felt so good to get confirmation for it. I literally teared up at seeing him again. I made peace with his death but it still was good to see him I just wish Sam and Dean could. They need him right now more than ever. I just really wish they could see they aren't crazy or normal as Sam says, that Bobby is looking out for them every step of the way. AND it looks like we might just get this! SUPER EXCITED. Anyone else? Now I must go off and read my Bobby fics and treasure them forever.

My face lit up like a Christmas tree I can tell you that.

And the promo oh man the promo. ANOTHER HIATUS UGH UGH UGH BUT just wait after we get to see Bobby and he gets to make contact with the boys. Will this be a permanent fixture? What's going on? Any guesses here? Is Bobby going to travel along with them? Or will he finally be put to rest?

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