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Season 7: Out With The Old

I actually stayed away from spoilers for this one so I was totally surprised with everything!

The sucky thing is I woke up with a headache and fully intended to sleep through the show and come back on and watch it later but I always feel like I'm betraying the show some how so I woke up. My head was killing me but that won't stop me from watching my show!

Was I the only one disappointed Dean didn't dance? lol I remember seeing an interview with Sera where they asked her and she was all "Everyone wants to see him dance! I'll have to tell Jensen." Yes Sera tell Jensen for us. I want to see his ass dance if it kills me.

A little off topic but I liked the whole cursed thing again. Bad Day At Black Rock was one of my favorite episodes. And I found the slippers just as creepy as Dean did. And the disturbing like dream music in the background? Super creepy.

Of course I thought this was another filler episode but was sure shocked to see our old pal the Leviathans play a role. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. I'm so confused on what they are intending yet so curious. What is it? I think the show is doing a great job with giving us the lead around. We really don't have any definite answer to what they are planning and I think this fact should stay that way to keep us all invested.

We're starting to see the cracks within Sam. Sleep deprivation? Sam was right that is torture. I once went 3 days without sleep and I was tripping out of my mind. I was really scared at seeing him driving. Now I'm afraid it's only going to get worse for him :C

Dean is also really worried. He's asked about the hand thing because he knows Sam was using that to stop Lucifer but it's not working and despite the little jokes of "He's singing stairway to heaven." I think Sam just doesn't want to admit how bad it's gotten. He's actually doing a pretty good job of keeping it all in so far. I admire him greatly for it.

So what have we learned?
  • NEVER open anything with ancient or weird symbols
  • Don't buy real estate your agent may be a leviathan!
  • Coffee is the key to everything
Frank though man I knew something was wrong, now they have Frank they didn't kill him they HAVE him. Perhaps to find out what he knows? Bait for Dean and Sam? Hired help? We really don't know, we hardly know anything about the Leviathans end game which makes each episode more interesting.

That George fellow creeped me out way more than his boss did. I almost puked at seeing him lick the blood off the sword like ewwww that's creepy on a whole other level. I wonder if they killed him as well? I don't remember if we saw a scene where they killed him I think it went to blank after they interrogated him. I'm sure though they killed him too afterwords. Don't want those sunofabitches alive that's for sure.

Anyone ready for stubble Sam! I don't know why that excites me but hot damn Sam with stubble. Thought we'd never see the day. Thoughts on the episode? On the promo? Anyone care to guess what the Leviathans are up to? Where's Frank? How is Sammy going to get out of this bind?

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