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Web of Deception 11/11

Title: Web Of Deception
Author: [info]cherry916 
Beta: [info]moviegeek03 
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sam and Dean are still at odds right after their father’s death. Nothing seems to be working and soon enough they both just seem to give up with trying. When they go to do a simple salt and burn the initial hunt seems to spiral into more than they ever imagined. Who is killing all these people? Who is this weird new hunter with a fixation on Dean? And how come after they did the initial salt and burn their problems only get worse?
A/N: This is a little something I've been working on for awhile. I hope this will get me back into writing chapter stories for SPN since it's been so long since I did so. I really hope you like it and continue reading it. The banner was made by the awesome [info]moviegeek03  isn't it just...fitting? lol I love it thank you BB.

After lugging Kendall's body out the back door, Dean didn't waste any time on throwing him over in the dumpster near by. It would help control the flames and make sure nothing else caught on fire that would endanger anyone else or get them in a shit load of trouble.

Bobby quickly doused the body with salt and gasoline and handed the matches over to Dean. He knew he would want to be the one to officially end this once and for all.

Dean wiped the sweat from his brow and took the box of matches from Bobby. He felt his adrenaline pumping as he stared down at the dead corpse. The thing that almost killed his brother.

With a sneer he struck the match, "bye bitch," and dropped it down onto the body itself. The dumpster the body was encased in lit ablaze as the body of Kendall Byrd began to burn. Dean steeped off of the crate he was standing on and gave Bobby a triumphant look.

Bobby patted him on the back. "Let's go get your brother and bust out of here?"

"Sounds like a plan to me." Dean smiled back and gave one last look at the flames as they licked at the metal of the dumpster. The finality of the fire allowed Dean's muscles to loosen as his bones and joints unlocked. He walked slowly out of the morgue without even checking if anyone was coming.

He just wanted to get to Sam and get the hell out of there.

Javier had to admit that this would probably rank up in one of the most terrifying days of his life. Way worse than the car crash he was in only two years earlier.

Usually when he was treating patients, things went by in a snail's pace. The medication, the ticking clock, the surgeries, the waiting room. Everything just went by so slowly, but now, now everything seemed to go by in a blur.

After shooting the ghost Javier ran to Sam's side. The machines were all going haywire and he distantly heard banging on the door. The nurses had probably heard the machines too, but he didn't pay them any mind.

His fingers found Sam's pulse point, and he sighed in relief at the feel of the thumping against his fingers. "Come on Sam," Javier muttered. He set to work on giving him CPR. Sam could very well have a crushed trachea with how red his neck was, but at the moment Javier just needed to get him breathing.

While he was busy giving Sam chest compressions, he felt the air dip in temperature again. God not now!

An icy hand touched his shoulder and wrenched him backwards. With a yell Javier fell to the cold tile floor and stared up at the grisly form of a mangled body.

The thing grinned maniacally but before it could do anything else something happened…

It almost appeared as if fire began to ignite and engulf it. Javier stared transfixed as the thing seemed to incinerate before his eyes; what was once an icy cold being was effectively being burned alive.

With one last yell the spirit of Kendall Byrd vanished.

Javier breathed deeply as he gingerly got up. He stared at Sam's face and noted the slight blue tinge. He could feel it in his heart…he may be too late.

Just when he was about to shut off the machines, Sam gasped as his eyes flew open.

"Sam!" Javier yelled, half in shock and half out of joy. He patted Sam's shoulder and monitored his breathing for a moment as Sam took in raspy breaths.

"In and out, Sam; that's it. Breathe slowly for me." Javier felt around Sam's neck and noted it was slightly swollen but not restricting his breathing in any way.

Javier couldn't explain it. He didn't want to say the horrible cliché of a miracle happening…but what else was there?

Suddenly the door burst open making both he and Sam jump.


Javier recognized the voice immediately.

"De-Dean?" Sam croaked out. One hand on his throat the other intertwined in the sheets.

Javier noticed the nurses and security guards all standing about with shocked eyes.

"I'll explain later everyone," he announced quietly to all the onlookers.

Javier watched with a small smile as Dean walked over to his brother and gave him a swift hug. He felt his eyes begin to tear up a little bit but he guessed it was from the traumatic experience.

Javier nodded to Bobby on the way out and began explaining to the security guard just what went down, all the while he watched in amusement as Dean carefully looked at Sam's neck while Bobby just rolled his eyes in the corner.

"Doctor what the hell is going on?" The security guard yelled, his face a beat red color. The rest of the nurses all nodded their head, pelting him with question after question about what happened in there.

"Well it's a long story…" Javier offered with a shrug.

The security guard shook his head with a frown. "Either you tell me what the hell is going on or I call in backup."

You asked for it. Javier thought with a smile.

"Are you sure you'll be ok till then?" Dean asked his brother, who was currently nestled in the back seat of the Impala.

"Y-yes," Sam rasped out with a wince. His throat was still sore which made talking downright painful and didn't help his brother's constant worry either.

"Says Kermit the frog." Dean rolled his eyes but dropped the subject. Turning around he faced the doctor who had been treating Sam, and from what Sam told him had also saved his life.

"Thank you again, doctor." Dean wasn't much for thanking people, civilians much less, but there was something about this doctor that Dean couldn't put his finger on. "If you need any help you know what number to reach us at."

"Anytime Dean, just doing my job." Javier smiled and offered out his hand in a way of goodbye.

His job had been put into question by the hospital, his peers all thought he was a lunatic but he wouldn't have had it any other way. What doctor could say he got to shoot a ghost to save his patients' life? Not very many and Javier felt honored enough to be able to say he had.

"What did you tell the police?" Bobby spoke up from his spot near the Impala's hood.

"Well I told them someone broke into Sam's room and was hiding in the bathroom, and that he caused Sam's new injuries, locked the door and fired the shotgun."

"How did you explain this strangers' sudden absence then?" Dean asked with an amused smile.

"I told them he jumped out the window," Javier said with a laugh. The police had a field day with that one but the hospital really wasn't that big, and they were on the first story anyway. The police really couldn't disprove his story so they had no choice but to believe Javier.

Dean laughed and rocked on the balls of his feet awkwardly.

"Maybe I'll see you again sometime?" Javier asked.

"You never know with us Winchesters…we always need a doctor." Dean smiled and turned around to head for the Impala.

"Good thing you know a doc, huh?" Javier smiled warmly and even saw Sam crack a smile despite his bruised face.

"Yeah," Dean nodded his goodbye and got into the Impala's driver seat. He missed driving his baby.

"Ready to hit the road?" Dean asked his brother in the back seat. He watched as Bobby hopped into his truck and revved up the engine.

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Right, right you can't talk. I forgot my brother is a mute." Dean grinned as Sam sent him a glare. "That's alright bro I wouldn't have you any other way." Dean turned the key in the ignition and looked back through the review mirror at Sam who was smiling softly.

It's not as it used to be, pretty friggin far from it honestly. But it's better than it was.

Dean gave him a smile and pulled out of the hospital parking right along with Bobby. Where they were heading? Well Dean didn't know…he'd let Bobby lead their way.

Besides it didn't matter where they went, as long as he had Sam by his side, well he would be fine.

With one last look at his brother in the backseat he focused on the road ahead.

The End

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