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Weekly Recs Wednesday


Imaginary Spaces by storyspinner70
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,900+
Summary: When Jared, his toddler, and his baby bump move next door, Jensen's life will never be the same again.
Rec'ers commentary: This was my prompt fill for the mpregwinchester secret valentine challenge and it's everything I wanted! Schoomp, babies, mpreg, and Jensen being the knight in shinning armor.

An Unconventional Proposal by enablelove
Rating: PG
Word Count: 483
Summary: None given.
Rec'ers commentary: However short it is, it really packs a punch in the N'awwwwwwww factor. All you need to read is the title and you know how schmoopy sweet this will be. A feel good fic for anyone feeling down that needs to smile.

Focus by faye_dartmouth
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,512
Summary: Dean struggles to keep his focus while fleeing from the demon. A missing scene from "Devil's Trap."
Rec'ers commentary: A missing scene that fills in the gap between the demon beating up Sam to when they get to the cabin. Gives us some delicious h/c and limp!Sam that we otherwise missed with the episode. I really like Dean in this and how he's struggling to remain calm and keep focus.

Maybe Vader Someday Later by longsufferingly
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5400
Summary: Jared meets his favorite voice actor at a convention. As it turns out, he's dreamy. And Jared is a Klingon.
Rec'ers commentary: A really adorable little tale of geeks uniting, with hunky mechanic Jared whose a geek at heart going to see his favorite voice actor which happens to be Jensen.

Running With Spoons by pixymisa
Rating: R
Word Count: 833
Summary: Sam has a migraine. It's not a bad one, which means no retching and no midnight vigils, but Dean helps him feel better anyway.
Rec'ers commentary: A short little ficlet of some Wincest h/c with little bits of porn.


Jealousy by sunday779

Rec'ers commentary: A collage of images, wove with colors of orange and red. I really love the detail on each image.

Sam and the Magic Light by amberjoe

Rec'ers commentary: Even the artist says, she doesn't quite know what it means but I cant get over the slightly wounded look on Sam's face as he gazes into the light. What the light represents? Well that's up to the viewers imagination.

Rub me the Right Way by maichan

Rec'ers commentary: An illustration for the fic of the same title and I absolutely ADORE genie!Jensen in his little bow tie and glasses.

Wincest by kakilily

Rec'ers commentary: Gorgeous coloring and lighting really brings this piece to life. Not to mention the very ahem nice details.

Brothers by amberjoe

Rec'ers commentary: The Winchester brothers all bundled up in snow gear for the Winter.

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