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Season 7: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menegerie

Well going into this I already was really excited for it, because I liked that they were going back and not just forgetting about Sam's clown phobia.

I have to say, I really did enjoy this episode. Cheesy scary monsters and all, because it's real. Kids do fear some ridiculous stuff sometimes and I really liked seeing both Sam and Dean's smiles during the whole thing, I think this over the top cheesy case was what they really needed.

Well I once again watched this with mylifewithin and it was made 10 times more awesome watching it with someone who loves Supernatural as much as I do.

Going into this, I thought it real comical and a bit heartbreaking trying to see Sam overcome his proverbial fears so to say and sorta man up, act tough which was his downfall.

For a filler episode, it actually wasn't that bad because I think they needed the downtime. They needed this to prioritize and focus.

I especially want to comment on all the brilliant one liners. "I feel like I'm getting the clap from just touching this thing." lol

It was just fun, you know? Taking something as cheesy as children's fears and bringing them to life. I really didn't know what was doing it, or how or even if it was a what actually. When an episode can keep me on my toes I know it's good.

I think my favorite thing throughout was seeing Dean's childlike expression. Playing the games, wanting the giant slinky, talking to the kid about giving his Mom a break. I also liked the insight to maybe where the clown fear came from for Sam. And knowing that Dean and Sam spent a lot of time by themselves and Dean needed some time to himself, and he honestly thought Sam would have fun staying at those things, but the opposite happened.

From the Unicorn to the Octovamp, the killer shark. I was still confused on what was going on there.

I really liked seeing Sam play bad cop, which was just so comical to me. I don't know if it came across that way for anyone else but in knowing Sam it just looked funny and weird, though a man that size, with a nice, crisp suit and a voice like that anyone will stand to attention for him.

The bad guy even had an emotional back story that sorta made you sympathetic to his character, though sympathy ended for Dean when the guy said he did something to Sam.

I have to admit my hurt!Sam girl heart squeed at seeing some limpage and his clown fear, because you know I'm a sadist like that.

The best part was the ending, a laid back laugh and conversation. I don't know if it was just me but I never heard Dean laugh like that in a really long time. Just an easy going laugh, nothing strained or anything.

Then the awarded prize slinky at the end, was the perfect nail on the head for me because it's something so insignificant to most but just goes to show how much Sam knows his brother.

Past Hello Cruel World, this is probably going as one of my favorites of Season 7.

Then next weeks episode. All I can say is WOW I am SUPER excited because it looks suspenseful and just all around action filled.

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