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Web Of Deception 8/?

Title: Web Of Deception
Author: [info]cherry916 
Beta: [info]moviegeek03 
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sam and Dean are still at odds right after their father’s death. Nothing seems to be working and soon enough they both just seem to give up with trying. When they go to do a simple salt and burn the initial hunt seems to spiral into more than they ever imagined. Who is killing all these people? Who is this weird new hunter with a fixation on Dean? And how come after they did the initial salt and burn their problems only get worse?
A/N: This is a little something I've been working on for awhile. I hope this will get me back into writing chapter stories for SPN since it's been so long since I did so. I really hope you like it and continue reading it. The banner was made by the awesome moviegeek03 isn't it just...fitting? lol I love it thank you BB.

Sounds assaulted Sam's sensitive hearing.

They were all jumbled and garbled, almost alien like. He tried opening his eyes but they remained firmly shut. What the hell is wrong with me? Sam thought worriedly.

He felt as if he was drifting. He couldn't recall what happened or where he was.

Sam was starting to actually become worried. What the hell is going on? Where is Dean?

Dean...Sam's mind froze as he began to recall what happened.

He remembered an intense pain in his lower back, and seeing Dean's concerned face hover over him just before he passed out.

Try as he might though, his limbs just wouldn't move; they felt as if they had heavy weights attached to the ends.

Suddenly cold water splashed over him.

Sam would have yelped and jerked if it wasn't for his whole body feeling numb. It was then that he realized that he was naked.

What the hell?

As soon as the cold came, Sam started feeling lethargic. His mind shut down, telling him he needed to rest.

His brain finally clicked off with a last worried thought for Dean. Sleep...must sleep.

Dean cradled his head in his hands as he awaited news on Sam. Bobby had left just a few minutes ago to pick up some food.

Of course that was after he tried to get Dean to come with him, get outside in the fresh air a bit. Dean refused though.

His heart was threatening to beat out of his chest as he thought about Sam.

Yet, maybe that was the problem? Through this whole ordeal Dean didn't once stop and think about Sam. All he could think about was his own unbearable pain at their father's death and the heavy burden he’d laid on Dean’s shoulders. Not once did he think about Sam's pain or anguish over it all.

God I'm so fucking selfish...Dean thought in disgust. He snorted and wiped absently at the few tears that leaked loose.

A sudden knock on the door startled him out of his self-loathing.

Doctor Javier walked into the room with a slight smile. “Am I interrupting something?”

Dean shook his head and composed himself the best he could. “No...sorry, how’s Sam?”

One track mind Javier mused. “Surprisingly he's doing very well. He's responding to treatment and the cold-water bath we place him in has brought down his fever a great deal. He's hasn't regained consciousness yet, but I suspect he should in the next few hours.”

Dean felt like a lead weight had been lifted off of his chest and he could breathe again. “Thank God...”

Javier smiled. He could tell how close these brothers were and was glad he could finally deliver some good news for this small family.

“You can sit with him if you want,” Javier offered.

Dean's face lit up like a Christmas tree. The drastic change surprised Javier greatly.

“Really?” Dean's voice held a childlike quality that made Javier wish that these boys and their uncle had a better life because just watching all three of them told a very sad story that no man should go through.

“Really. Um…I'm sorry to bring this up Dean but I have to ask about what happened. It's procedure in these types of cases.” Suddenly Javier wished he wouldn't have brought it up because Dean's face deflated and anger took place.

Dean looked down at the sheet that was covering his lower half and squeezed his eyes shut against the painful memories. It only happened a day ago but it was still fresh in his mind. Watching Sam gasp and struggle for breath, seeing his eyes rolls back in his head. Dean shuddered. “Can't it wait ‘til I see Sam?” Dean asked in a small hopeful voice.

Javier felt his heart ache so he obliged. “Sure, whenever you're ready.”

Dean looked up gratefully. “Thanks Doc.”

It was a slow process for Dean to get out of bed. He hadn’t realized how worn down he was. Javier helped him every step of the way until they finally reached Sam's room.

Dean found himself standing in the doorway just staring at Sam's prone form laid out on the bed. He had two IVs running from the back of his hand and the inside his elbow as well as an oxygen cannula helping him with his breathing. If it weren’t for the gentle rise and fall of his chest, Dean would have thought the worst.

“Come on let's sit you down,” Javier whispered softly, noticing Dean's shock. He gently helped him into one of the chairs by the bed and gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze. “Press the button when you're ready to go back to your room.”

Dean didn't give the doctor any acknowledgment as he continued to stare at Sam. He noted the gentle rise and fall of his chest and the hideous looking bruises that adorned his neck and face.

He was hesitant to reach out and touch his brother, afraid he'd do more harm then good. But he slowly slipped his hand through the bed railings and grasped his brother's hand softly.

“Hey Sammy, I heard you're pulling a Rip Van Winkle on me man.” Dean chuckled softly but stopped. “I...I'm sorry man. God I'm so fucking sorry. I should have listened to you but I didn't and now look what happened.” Dean's lip trembled as he gripped Sam's hand tighter.

“Sammy...” Dean closed his eyes as tears rolled down them. Guilt and shame filled his heart until he felt like he couldn't breathe.


Sam furrowed his brows and tried to fall back asleep. To the darkness where nothing could hurt him but the voice kept nagging at him until he had to find out who it was.

His hand twitched uselessly as he slowly opened crusty eyes. The light blinded him and he had to immediately shut them again.

“Sammy? You awake?”

Dean? Sam thought. What was Dean doing here?

“Come on man open those eyes for me. Please?”

It was the quiet please at the end that had Sam groaning as he finally came to full consciousness. His vision was blurry but he could just make out Dean's form hovering above him.

“De-” Sam tried to talk but his throat was hoarse and all that came out was a small squeak.

“Don't talk yet ok?” Dean settled his hand on Sam's shoulder; it was a comforting weight that had Sam relaxing.

He felt his lips quirk up in a smile however something grabbed his attention. Something over Dean's shoulder that seemed to shimmer in existence. Sam felt his eyes widen as the form of Kendall Byrd appeared behind his brother.

He still had that manic gleam in his eyes but it was amplified ten fold because the front side of his shirt was saturated in blood.

Then Kendall spoke, whispering one simple word that had Sam's bones freezing and his muscles locking up.


Despite his hoarse voice Sam screamed and he wasn't ashamed to admit that the person he was screaming for was his brother.

He wanted his big brother. Was that too much to ask?

Bobby came back from his food run a few hours later. He had a paper bag in his hand intending to try and get Dean to eat something. When he walked to Dean's room though and saw no one. His heart seized up.

He asked the nurse politely about Dean's whereabouts and she told him that he was sitting with his brother. Bobby let out a relived sigh and trudged to where Sam's room was. But of course he would get another shock when he saw Dean being forcefully pushed out of the room as doctors rushed in to try and calm an obviously panicked Sam.

Bobby glared at the beefy man pushing Dean back and latched onto Dean's arm, pulling him in protectively.

“What happened boy?” He whispered fiercely in Dean's ear so no one else could here.

“I...I don't know! Sam just freaked out on me and they won't let me go in there!” Dean was looking like he was on the verge of a panic attack himself so Bobby soothingly rubbed at his tense shoulders hoping to calm him down some.

While doing so Bobby noticed something shimmering in Sam's room. His eyes zeroed in as the figure shimmered to life.

Kendall Byrd smiled softly at him, waving like they hadn’t seen each other in ages.

“Well shit,” Bobby whispered. This wasn't good.

Chapter Nine
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