Charity (cherry916) wrote,

Poison Verse

This is the masterpost for my poison verse. This verse is: Closed

Listed in chronological order

Talk Dirty To Me
Summary: Jared goes to a bar in hopes of getting laid but soon he's dropped off into his own OZ fest with kidnappings, roofies, bondage and enjoying having sex with someone who kidnapped him. Yep Chad would be so proud.

I Want Action
Summary: Jensen doesn't know why the boss likes this kid so much but he doesn't hesitate to do what he's told and finally claim Jared.

(Flesh and Blood) Sacrifice
Summary: Unanswered questions for both Jared and Jensen arise. Can they keep their secrets forever?

Look What The Cat Dragged In
Summary: Jared finally learns just what Jensen does and reacts in a way Jensen had never expected.

Fallen Angel
Summary: Jensen and Jared go to be with Jensen's Dad in his hour of need and Jared comes to some realizations.
Tags: masterpost, pairing: jared/jensen, poison!verse
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