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Season 7: Death's Door

Going in this episode I was actually very confident. After watching Sera's little intro for it on youtube, and knowing that Jim Beaver was signed up for more episodes this season I know this episode was really going to be about Bobby, and delving into his head space much like Dream a Little Dream of Me.

Wow what an electric start it was!

I concur that this has to be my favorite episode of the season so far. It was interesting going back and seeing Bobby.

So much of him was left unanswered and I commend Sera for fleshing out his character. We got to see his memories, good and bad and we really got to honestly see how he feels about the boys and John. It makes me feel better knowing that most of the fanfic I've read about John and Bobby is true. I'm sorry John was an ass, Bobby is more of a father to Sam and Dean than John could ever be.

I think the most interesting was seeing him with his father. We've head before his father was a 'mean drunk' but really, we never got much past that.

Seeing Bobby at an early age already hardening up. It was sorta...weird I guess. You'd think when Bobby's wife died that he had to harden up then but really, he's been that hard person since childhood. It's a real life situation that is brilliant to ground one of them in since so many of them go through abnormal life experiences.

Also I was tearing up all through this episode. Bobby's memories some good and bad are heartbreaking but in the end it makes it worth it that he's somehow found a semblance of peace in Sam and Dean. He doesn't break everything he touches, he healed Sam and Dean in a way no one else could. He's the bond that keeps them from doing what Dean said and driving off the cliff.

Seeing Rufus was great again. It makes you sorta wonder what their relationship was like, being partners and that earring! Sassy Gay Rufus FTW! lol

Also did you catch that Rufus called Bobby 'Baby Boy'?

My favorite moment that summed up my infinite love for Bobby and hatred for John is. They're my boys.

ALL TIME FAVORITE. Now I much go back and read all my fatherly Bobby fics.

Sam and Dean in they were heartbreaking. Dean was having an anger meltdown and did you catch Sam pressing down on his scar hand? Almost like he was checking to see if this was one of Lucifer's tricks and was all just a nightmare?

Talk about fucking sad man...

Though I am VERY hopeful. Being with the show since the Pilot I know mid-season finales like no ones business and the show has a fetish for always scaring the shit out of us. And usually it was a brilliant ploy to keep people interested and and anxious for the show to come back on.

 I lived through it for 6 seasons now running. I think I'm used to it. PLUS I think it'd be kinda silly to flesh his character out so much to have him die? Don't you think? Or maybe it's just me. But I think that would add SO much to this season to have him fleshed out then live. Sorta like an eye opener.

Am I the only one who wants to see Lucifer again? Guh...I want to see him SO badly. Mark Pellogrino is so amazing with the part.

I told my friend when we were talking that no doubt we will be left on a cliff hanger not knowing whether he lives of dies. Which ding ding I was right, not a great victory though. I swear the mid season finales get worse and worse! LOL I can remember when I was waiting for the big secret during season 2, that was the fucking WORST back then.

Anywho veering off course, but this has been my favorite episode thus far in the season. The preview looked VERY hopeful and interesting and I'll see you Jan. 6th!

And come that time if I am personally wrong about Bobby living you can kick me in the butt, but I am hopeful.

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