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Weekly Recs Wednesday


Sam Turned Fragile by shangrilada
Rating: N/A
Word Count: 5,686
Summary: The FBI wants the boys. The FBI knows one of them's a six-foot-five asthmatic. And the FBI knows they don't like to be separated.
Do I have this on PDF:? No, but I can make one if you want me too.
Rec'ers commentary: I just recently was able to sit down and read this one, and it's no different then the rest in her Asthma!Sammy verse. But I loved it \0/ So much protective!Dean with hurty Sam. Not to mention the ending was brilliant and I love reading fics where they interact with the police of FBI.

The Ache by morrezela
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Summary: Sam gets a massive back ache from riding and sleeping in the car. Dean helps his brother out.
Do I have this on PDF:?No, but I can make it if you want one.
Rec'ers commentary: What's better than a massage in a fic? First time Wincest! Which I think she pulls the first time together beautifully (for having never wrote Wincest before)

The Dog Game by annie46
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Summary: Jensen Ackles and his crowd are rich and privileged. They have never faced any challenges in their lives and have to come up with their own way of amusing themselves. The invention of the cruel ‘Dog Game’ keeps them on their toes but do they ever stop to consider who they are actually hurting? When Jensen chooses the wrong person to enter into the game, his life takes a direction that will change his views forever.
Do I have this on PDF:? No, but I can if you want one made.
Rec'ers commentary: This is an old favorite of mine. Kinda based off the movie 'She's All That' I love stories where one of the boys changes their viewpoints for love, and sorta see s the light so to speak.

After The Scandal by fatebegins
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5712
Summary: Sequel to Scandalous. Jensen and Jared deal with the fallout of Jared's sex tape scandal.
Do I have this on PDF:? No, but I can if you want one made.
Rec'ers commentary: A sequel to her previous story. A touch of angst with schmoop. Her usual style, plus a possessive Jensen that I love!

Butting Heads by Somebody Once
Rating: K
Word Count: 3,079
Summary: Baby Sam vs John. Let the battle commence.
Do I have this on PDF:? No, but I can if you want one made.
Rec'ers commentary: This was picked at random. A particular love this one because we can see even at an early age that Sam and John butted heads a lot.


Watch Me by blakravell

Rec'ers commentary: A drawing from the episode Born Under A Bad Sign, like always it's flawless with the coloring and texture.

Wake Up Nect To You by maichan

Rec'ers commentary: A lovely drawn portrait of Wincest. LOVE the poses and the light coloring.

Baby Love by KamiDiox

Rec'ers commentary: Baby team free will! Aren't they all so cute?

Scarlet Sails by egorowna

Rec'ers commentary: A beautiful drawing of Jared and Sadie on the beach. I love the coloring.

Sleeping Beauty by smallworld_inc

Rec'ers commentary: I rec'd this at spn_artrecs but I figured I'll rec this here as well. Like I said over there, love the whole setup of it. Really does remind you of sleeping beauty. I also love the different textures and stuff. Makes it more life like.

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