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Weekly Recs Wednesday

Hey guys! You know what time it is.


Prostitution by raeshae
Rating: N/A
Word Count: N/A
Summary: Moving to New York and making it on Broadway was always Jensen's dream, but once he gets there it doesn't seem to go anything like he planned. On his way home from another failed audition, he meets Jared on the subway. Charming, gorgeous, and witty, Jared seems to good to be true. Their little encounters on the train turn into a frequent thing and they become friends and roommates, even when Jensen finds out exactly what Jared does for a living.
Rec'ers commentary: A little fill for an old comment-fic meme that I thoroughly enjoyed. Loved reading about their fledgling friendship and loved seeing Jensen react to Jared being an escort!
Do I have this on PDF:? No but I can if you want one.

I Can Give You What You Need by fatebegins
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2143
Summary: Sequel to I Can Give You What You Want, sort of. This comes straight off the cutting floor. Jensen fumbles through his new life, realizes what he needs.
Rec'ers commentary: This is the sequel to the above fic and ties in beautifully with how much has changed and how much and how Jensen comes to certain realizations about family.
Do I have this on PDF:? No but I can if you want it.

Little, Brothers by paxlux
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 10,047
Summary: The quiet makes him restless because he just knows that something is happening somewhere and it ain't good.
Rec'ers commentary: This is a little gem! I really loved de-aged fics especially when both boys are de-aged and this one delivers beautifully, not to mention it's solely in Bobby's POV which makes it awesome.
Do I have this on PDF:? No but I can if you want it.

You Never Forget Your First by authoressnebula
Rating: N/A
Word Count: N/A
Summary: The boys are arguing. And this happens to be the one and only time that Dean ever takes his anger out on Sam in a violent way. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe he was really drunk. Maybe he was cursed. Maybe he was just really angry and he screwed up. The thing is, Sam actually gets hurt, and it's Dean's fault.
Rec'ers commentary: Written for an ohsam comment-fic meme by our wonderful Nebula and this fic definitely delivers on the angst factor like all of her fics do and features some good old guilty Dean, how can you beat that?
Do I have this on PDF:? No but I can if you want it.

Goodnight Moon by dragonfly_sg1
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 47,776
Summary: Sam was also sounding a little congested—a squeaky sound coming from his little nostrils every time he breathed out. God, it was adorable. They were so screwed.
Rec'ers commentary: A fic that has FINALLY been finished, it took her 4 years but it's done and it certainly is one of the best de-aged fics around! And will dish out on so much angst, schmoop and brotherly moments it will make your head spin.
Do I have this on PDF:? No but I can if you want it.


SPN: lullaby by AndLatitude

Rec'ers commentary: Another cute little drawing from her! Gah her wee!chesters drawings will be the death of me.

Sam Winchester by amandatolleson

Rec'ers commentary: A side profile digital drawing of Sam's lovely face. I really love the colors she uses here.

Brotherly Love by Moody-ferret

Rec'ers commentary: A little wincest never hurt anybody and this is a real special piece with some hurt/comfort!

SPN: You Are My Family by VampireDarlla

Rec'ers commentary: You guys have no idea how much I love this piece! Seriously it's like a manip but it's a digital painting that is really awesome.

Who says V-necks aren't in by GDbreaker97

Rec'ers commentary: Not an art piece just a slightly edited photo of our boys in their V-necks, why you may ask? Because who else can where a douche neck like that and still be hot? XD

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