July 19th, 2012

[Jared] mechanic

Happy Birthday Jared Picspam!

Wow can you believe our resident Sam Winchester turns 30 today! He's grown up so much since he was on Gilmore Girls to now. Now he has a family, a beautiful baby a lovely wife *sniffle sniffle* our Jared has grown up right before our very eyes and I hope to capture that in this Birthday Pic Spam.

Once again, NONE of these images are mine. Pulled off Tumblr. This isn't dial-up friendly, lots of moving images and what not. Once again I take no credit for any of these images, just wrangling the pic spam together. Enjoy.

I just want to thank kristypadalecki because without her awesome tagging skills over on Tumblr with tagging the years of Jared I'd be seriously lost.


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[Wincest] Making Out

Like Brothers On A Hotel Bed 1/1

Title: Like Brothers On A Hotel Bed
Beta: mylifewithin
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,156
Warnings: wincest, explicit sex, cursing, references to almost sexual assault
A/N: This is for my little miss hiddles (ace_of_spades6) whose been down in the dumps lately and I just wanted to cheer her up. And why not use PORN to do so? She wanted some bottom!Sam and jealous/possessive Dean who am I not to oblige? Title blatantly stolen from the same song by death cab for cutie. The beautiful banner was made by the lovely kiscinca. Thank you so much bb it's gorgeous.

Summary: Sam is a horny drunk, a happy drunk, a spiteful drunk, a whiny drunk, an adorable drunk but Sam is also Dean's drunk.


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