October 23rd, 2011

[Wrestling] hot body

Sleeping With Ghosts 1/1

Title: Sleeping With Ghosts
Author: cherry916
Beta: thatsmallweirdloves
Rating: R
Warnings: alluding to rape, mentions of torture and Sam's time in Hell.
Summary: How do you fight something that's only in your brother's head? How do you protect him then?
A/N: This was actually inspired by a friend of mine, ina_ami's awesome gif set! The scene where Dean tries to tell Sam that Lucifer isn't real and Sam say's Lucy says the same about Dean....well it got me thinking about how Dean feels so helpless in this plight and how he's out of his element in trying to protect Sam from his own head. This also has SPOILERS for 7x02 and 7x03 so please be aware of that.

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