October 17th, 2011

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When We Were Younger

Title: When We Were Younger
Authors: [info]beckalooby & [info]cherry916
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Schmoop and more schmoop. (Cherry's words!)
Characters: Sam Winchester. Dean Winchester. John Winchester.
Disclaimer: Sorry, I couldn’t find a crossroads to trade my soul for Supernatural. Title from the You Me at Six song from their brilliant new album.
A/N Becka: Thanks so much to Cherry for round robin-ing this with me!!! Such a big help and I think we pulled it off well. And an extra special thank you to [info]kiscinca for the awesome banner!
A/N Cherry: I know this is LONG overdue but better late than never right?! Lol hope this is what you wanted.
Summary: Dean reminisces about Sam’s first stint in hospital. For [info]moviegeek03's birthday who wanted hospital Sammy. So sorry this is so late honey but I hope we collectively did a good enough job to make up for the delay a little bit! MWAH!!


Dean remembers Sam first time in the hospital
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