August 24th, 2011

[Sam'n'Dean] different wavelengths

Safe In The Arms Of Love 1/1

Title: Safe In The Arms Of Love
Author: cherry916
Beta: insertcode11
Summary: After a botched hunt Sam finds himself alone, hurting and out of hope. But he'a in for shock when a certain angel comes and promises stuff Sam has only ever dreamed of.
A/N:  This is for wolfish_willow's B-Day! I know how much she loves Sabriel so I ventured off out of my comfort zone and wrote it! \0/ I really hope you like it BB and have a great B-Day. I want to say thank you to insertcode11 who kicked my fic into gear and did some detective work to see what she liked and kiscinca for making the awewsome kick ass banner! BB it's so awesome. I hope you all enjoy my first attemtpt at Sabriel. P.S Dean is NOT portrayed in a good light maybe even a little OOC but why blame it on the alcohol like Jamie Foxx does ;)

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