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Weekly Recs Wednesday

Despite my situation with my laptop and Delicious being all sucky this won't stop me from delivering the Weekly Recs Wednesday the RPS edition!


Human Shield by zenamydog
Rating: R
Word Count: 7,700
Summary: While driving back to Vancouver from LA, Jensen and Jared are carjacked, but the situation takes an even deadlier turn when the escaped convict decides to take the two actors hostage.
Rec'ers commentary: I can't get enough of NON-Au stories where Jared is hurt. This one is so excellent in it's portrayal of their friendship and how they might have more than friendship but it's sorta kept Gen primarily throughout.

Drugged by yellowwolf5
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,505
Summary: Jensen glanced around the bar, trying to spot his co-star, best friend and crush but he couldn't see his tall form anywhere.
Rec'ers commentary: Honesty never read this story before till awhile ago and I loved protective Chris and Jensen in this, another NON-AU which I LOVE.

The Amazing Jared by blueeyedliz
Word Count: N/A
Summary: Jared is a down-on-his-luck street magician, and Jensen works in a bank.
Rec'ers commentary: I know this is on her journal but I can't be fussed to find it lol Anywho magic, boring day jobs that gets 100% better? Honestly it's awesome!

Illumination by faunaana
Rating: N/A
Word Count: N/A
Summary: So during the filming of BUABS when it looks like Sam might be assaulting Jo, Jared has flashbacks to when someone assaulted him.
Rec'ers commentary: This is GEN and I love, love LOVE it. Honestly, I love gen fic as much as RPS. And this one is no exception. I particularly liked how she portrayed Chad which is douchey, dim witted one minute and protective, intelligent the next.

One Small Step by sandymg
Rating: R
Word Count: 37,000
Summary: Jared has had a secret crush for months. But it’s not like publishing genius and gay activist Jensen Ackles is going to notice the tall, weird guy pushing the mail cart. So when Jared’s best friend and Jensen’s assistant, Sandy, tells him that Jensen is getting married in one month to a fellow activist -- something about being the first gay couple to get married in the state -- Jared knows some things just aren't meant to be.

And now Sandy is insisting that Jared help her plan the wedding. She thinks it’s a good idea. Jared thinks she’s nuts. Because the only thing this could lead to is heartbreak. Right?
Rec'ers commentary: This story. Just I was so blown away by the accuracy and heartbreak of all these real characters. She really has a way of writing and telling a story, everything ws perfect and really fucking adorable and I loved it.


I Carry Your Heart In Mine by kakiliy

Rec'ers commentary: Isn't this adorable? Just the way she placed them sitting and nudging each other with identical smiles. Like they are the only two in the world. So cute!

J2 + Schmoop by leyla_lovely

Rec'ers commentary: Just like the title J2 and schmoop which I think she took the idea from the famous kissing vid? Well almost kiss but look at Jensen's little blush! And how his freckles are sticking out.

Shhhhh by leftygohome

Rec'ers commentary: Tiny little sketch card of the boys at a convention photo ops!

Under Trees by egorowna

Rec'ers commentary: A really well drawn scene about Jared and Jensen under some trees. Love the sorta muted colors and the clothes textures.

Longing by maichan

Rec'ers commentary: It's just that moment before a kiss where you want it so badly but you're reluctant and hesitant! Perfect.

Well that's it I hope you guys enjoyed it :D

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