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Wish you were here 13/13

Title: Wish you were here
Summary: Dean thought Sam was at the library. Boy was he wrong.

Dean knew silent miracles when they appeared out of thin air. He would take a whack and say that this whole incident was a silent miracle in disguise. It's made him more alert, happier then he's been in recent weeks and it's made his joke meter sky rocket especially when Bobby was concerned. Sam healed beautifully regaining consciousness a day after he was stitched up, he was coherent and knew his name and age. The easy test as he likes to call it but he needed to be filled in on the more gory details. He may have left out some like say Gordon's mention of God not loving Sam but that's what older brothers do.

Dean looked over to see Sam sitting in his bed digging into his lab-top like a hungry dog. He just let him use his lab-top because of how stir crazy Sam was being cupped up in a motel room with him and Bobby. Bobby been how do you say this pmsing in a guy way. He's been having mood swings, one day he's happy and cheery the next he's angry at the whole damn world. Dean will never understand.

"Dean can't we at least go to a different motel or something." Sam whined for probably the tenth time that day. He was bored out of his mind, Dean was going over board in his protective nature which he didn't take lightly but it kinda scared him.

"Na uh, your still healing Bobby only has one hand and no way am I'm going on a road trip with you two dead pans." Dean chimed as Bobby cursed him again while Sam just whined louder. Dean went into the business for searching for his phone it's been missing since he's gotten Sam out of that basement.

"Hey Bobby you seen my cell phone?" Dean asked as he searched through his duffel for a second time.

"Haven't seen it. Oh Sam can you check a file on the lab-top for me?" Bobby asked as Dean continued to search.

"Sure what's it's labeled under?" Sam asked as he stopped his video he was watching.

"It's just under my name you'll find it." Bobby grinned as Sam looked confused as he shifted through files. Dean looked over at him equally confused.

"What is that file anyway?" Dean asked as he stepped over to his brother's side to see what he pulled up.

To Dean's shock a picture of him cradling his brother in his arms was plastered on the screen with him kissing his forehead.

"Uh Dean what's this?" Sam asked as he pointed to the picture as he didn't quite clearly remember that much of the incident.

"Bobby you sonofabitch!" Dean grumbled as he charged toward Bobby with anger plastered oh his face.

"Say cheese Dean." Bobby said as he brought out Dean's cell phone as he snapped a picture with Sam laughing in the background.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: wish you were here, genre: gen
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