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Wish you were here 12/13

Title: Wish you were here
Summary: Dean thought Sam was at the library. Boy was he wrong.

Dean drove at a steady pace of 70 mph on a 50 mph road, he told himself it was steady anyway. He was comforted by the soft thump…thump of his brothers heart telling him he's still holding on, and in a weird way comforted by Bobby griping about every damn thing in the world. His since of urgency and despair soon turned to one of relaxation and serene peace. He knew Sam was holding out and that's all he wanted to know.

Finally when he saw there motel sign he huffed a sigh of relief knowing that Sam would get the proper care he needs, and he wouldn't have to listen to another minute of Bobby's incoherent ramblings about the world in general.

"Finally." Bobby ground out as his hand throbbed in tune with his heart beat. As much as he wanted to get Sam the help he needed which that was what his primary goal was, he needed to get him a good dose of whiskey as well. He watched as the blood seeped out around the edges of the blade, thankfully not bleeding out any further then mere trickles.

"Likewise pal." Dean smirked as he softly patted Sam's chest and pulled the car to a halt.

"Now-" Dean was about to say but Bobby already had gotten out of the car and dug into the trunk getting there bags.

"Don't even say it or I'll gut you with this knife still in my hand!" Bobby yelled as he dragged the duffels into the room with one hand.

Dean laughed as he turned his attention to Sam, pulling him closer to the edge of the door so he can carry him into the motel. Him and Sam obviously were a sight, being Sam was 6'4 and he was straining under Sam's massive size but thankfully no one was in the parking lot due to no business.

He kicked open the door with his boot as him and Sam came stumbling into the room he gently laid him on the bed farthest from the door and began to assess his injuries. Of course he couldn't work without his awesome assistant.

"Oh assistant, where are you?" He called as he scanned his brother noting the two stab wound which thankfully clogged. He felt the back of his hand and the knot has gone down since the last time, another silent miracle in the works. The raging fever that Sam had when he initially found him has gone down drastically. He looked up when someone put a hand on his shoulder and saw Bobby handing him the first aid kit and a cup of joe.

"Thanks Bobby your always my right hand man." He winked at the meaning but looked down to notice that the knife was completely gone from his hand and his hand fully stitched and wrapped slung close to his arm.

"How?" Dean asked but shook it off as he took it as another miracle and Bobby's expert skills at hand.

"Do you need me for any thing else?" Bobby asked as he watched Dean begin to tend to Sam's wounds and he figured that he wasn't needed and he was useless at that.

"Na, I got my coffee I'm good." Dean smiled as he took a sip while he began to blot Sam's wounds to wipe away the blood. He heard a soft moan and began to mumble off quiet concerns as he worked.

"Shh it's ok Sammy your ok. Your gonna be fine I promise." Dean cooed as he took the needle in hand and began to stitch the stab wound in his stomach. Thankfully Sam was either unconscious or just plain out of it because he hadn't heard another would out of him until he threaded the last stitch into his thigh. He looked up and saw Sam's eyebrows scrunch up in pain. He quickly wrapped the wound as he covered Sam up and looked up to his face to try and wake him.

"Sammy you awake kiddo?" He asked as he saw Sam's eye's roll beneath his eyelids then slowly flutter open.

"Hey Sammy welcome back." He smiled as he saw the familiar hazel orbs gaze up at him and the look of question on his face.

"Shh it's ok you got hurt but it's all better. Your ok now just get some rest I promise I'll be here when you wake up." Dean encouraged as he swiped Sam's sweaty bangs out of his face. He watched as Sam slowly got lulled back to sleep.

Dean slowly stood up and turned around surprised to see Bobby sitting in a chair with two beers in hand. Man that guy was elusive.

"So how's he doing?" Bobby asked passing one of the beers to Dean while he watched Dean plop down on the other bed exhausted from not only the physical attribute but also the emotional aspect.

"Fine, a miraculous recovery." Dean chuckled as he took a swig.

"Serious, lay it down flat Dean." Bobby laid into a grimace as another spike of pain shot through his hand. Maybe DIY wasn't the best option for getting yourself stabbed through the hand.

"The stab wounds stopped bleeding and were easy to stitch closed, I cleaned the infection there's been no sign of it progressing. The fever's gone down, the knot on the back of his head is also a little lump now." Dean ground out as he stared at little brother asleep on the other bed. He was so fragile and innocent and Dean had drug him over half acres to search for there dad when in reality he just wanted to bring there family back together. All he's been doing lately was pushing Sam away and created a shell of grief around itself. It's what led to this entire mess.

He got broken out of his daze as he heard the sound of a small camera being clicked to take a picture. He quickly turned to Bobby but he gave him a innocent look.

"What the hell was that sound?" He asked and looked around for the camera he knew for sure he heard.

"I don't know what your talking about boy. All that caffeine has gone to your head." Bobby smirked as he slid Dean's cell phone back into his pocket.

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Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: wish you were here, genre: gen
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