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Wish you were here 10/13

Title:Wish you were here
Summary:Dean thought Sam was at the library. Boy was he wrong.

Dean's throat hurt with all the screaming and his eyes burned too the point that he could not see clearly. All he heard was the gunshot, a gunshot through his baby brother's head, right through his own heart. He could not look up; he could not bare the sight at hand. He did not want to see his failure, his guilt, and shame. All his duties as a brother lost because of one fucking mistake. One selfish mistake. It was all over, Sam was dead he knew it, could not deny it. Dean finally picked up his head and gasped at the scene. Sam was in the same position he was left in minus one bullet hole to the head and dead on the floor was Gordon a gunshot wound to the skull. What the hell just happened?

"Oh sweet jesus!" Dean stuttered out, he was about to hyperventilate as he saw the sight of Sam just hanging there unconscious but not dead NEVER dead. He didn't understand it Gordon was deadest on killing Sam but turned it all around and killed himself? Maybe he was more messed up then I gave him credit for.

"Thank you God." Dean breathed out as he looked at up at the skies above. In his screwed up life God didn't exist but just this once and only this once he'll let God slide and give him the credit he deserves but this whole scene in front of him was out of his hands from the get go so somebody had to be lookin out for them today. Thank you.

Think Dean think you are not out of the woods yet, your still tied to a chair for cripes sake. Dean tried to wiggle his hands free but that only sent shockwaves up through is hands and his wrist due to being numb for so long. "Sonofabitch!" He shot out as a measly pain in his hands threatened to expel any contains of lunch.

"Um…ok, let's try this again. Sammy?" He yelled across the room trying to waken his brother knowing that blood loss, and a concussion was never a great pair. He cast a glance at Bobby and smiled to see him waking from the dead, he needed all the help he could get if he wanted to get Sam out of here alive. He screwed up one to many times and he was not going to make this Sam's final resting place. "Come on Sammy answer me kiddo?" He sounded weak to his own ears, but he could not stop the rush of emotions that kept playing through his mind. It has been a hectic few days, hell a week. He didn't even know how long he been down here or what day it was. In his inconsistent rambling, he was awarded with a soft moan and a grunt all at the same time. He quickly shot his head up to see Sam stirring and he turned his head around to see Bobby open his eyes.

"Sammy open your eyes buddy, I'm right here it's over." He tried to console him as best as he could but he knew that he would be in for one hellacious recovery. He heard Bobby cursing to himself and silently prayed again that he would not have to face the undaunting task of trying to figure a way out of this situation alone.

"Bobby man are you ok?" He asked needing to know the confirmation if it was ok to crack jokes again and quickly dispel the direness of the room.

"Ow…yea just gimme minute." Bobby panted as he stopped his head from spinning to see Dean looking over with concern and a dead Gordon on the floor, either Dean suddenly had magical abilities or…

"He killed himself Bobby." He offered seeing the questioning look on the old hunters face. Gordon was a broken man with conflicting issues that got the better of him.

"Why the hell he go and do that for?" Bobby was still confused on the whole situation, hell he was confused the minute Dean's voice shot through the phone so many moons ago.

"Listen Bobby we need to come up with a plan, I've been thinking."

"Did you hurt yourself?" Bobby quipped, as he wanted to joke around but felt horribly bad that he was doing this all while Sam bleed to death.

"Asshole, anyway I can't get untied I've tried and it's not happening. So the only other option is you trying to slide your hand up enough to push the knife from the wall." He winced as he said it knowing the severe amount of pain that would be put upon him but there was no other option at least Bobby could get free to untie him that is all they needed. That's when it dawned on him that Sam was waking up the same time Bobby was. Shit.

"Sammy? Sammy you with us kiddo?" He quickly set his eyes back onto his brother and could see his eyes open at half mast but was scared that he only stared out into space.

"Sammy man say something." He watched as Sam tried to formulate words he could see the word Sam was trying to come up with and it put a smile on his face.

"D'n hrt's" Sam mumbled out, as all he could think about was the pain. It was everywhere, in his stomach, his leg, and his head. He was so cold and so tired he just wanted to go to sleep.

"No Sammy you got to stay awake for me can you do that?" He waited for a reply but got none. "Listen I know it hurts and I'm sorry little brother I truly am. This is my fault and I'll make it all better I promise I'll fix this don't worry I'm here and nothing bad will happen to you." His eyes were watering again and cursed himself for being so weak…again. He watched as Sam just nodded his head and continued to look around it was a start.

He looked back over to Bobby and saw him flashing a shit-eating grin. "What the hell you smiling about? I wouldn't be smiling in a time like this." He questioned, as he knew the tirade of jokes that was to come.

"Did I just here Dean Winchester deal out one of those chick flick moments. You warm my heart." Bobby used his good hand to pat his heart, and laughed. He snuck a peek over at Sam and could see a small smile creep onto his lips. Concussion or not Sam still knows when it's a good time to join in on the joke.

"Bite me." Dean seethed as he looked over at Sam to see a smile splayed on his lips. What the hell? Isn't he supposed to be concussed? Real great job at coming back into reality kiddo you always had the best timing.

"Hey I thought you were concussed?" He asked as Sam just kept on smiling and wasn't that the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Does't mean I cn't join in on the f'n." Sam stuttered out, as he could not hide his grin. He may have no clue where he is or why he is in a tremendous amount of pain but when your brother is totally being hammered on by jokes why not just laugh. Sam's laugh quickly turned into a moan of pain and he wracked his mind to remember how the hell he got there? That is when the stench hit him, it was the stench of death and being that this god-awful basement is already musty, anything could smell foul. He took a peek around and his eyes met there mark. Gordon was laying on the floor, dead his eyes open and lifeless but almost as if, he was in a serene state of mind.

"Sam you ok?" Dean's banter moment quickly turned into concern as he heard Sam's laugh turn into a moan of pain. As if Sam did not hear him, he looked around the room and his eyes fell on Gordon. Sam's eyes rested there for a moment before bolting back up to his with fear. Boy did he really want to bring that bastard back to life and kill him.

"Gor'dn? D'n?" Sam knew why he was here it all cam back to him like a rush of memories. Good times, good times. He started to hyperventilate as he remembered what he was connected to in the first place and why he was in the pain, he was in.

"It's ok Sammy calm down, Gordon's dead killed himself…lucky bastard. Just slow you're breathing down ok, it'll be alright me and Bobby have it all under control just relax." He quickly tried to disperse soft words of mantra as Sam started to hyperventilate almost in the same way he did. He saw Sam visibly relax and just sunk down more as he left gravity hold him down. Dean relaxed a few notches and turned back over to Bobby to formulate there plan.

"He ok over there?" Bobby asked as he mentally berated himself for joking while Sam was trying to get his bearings.

"Yes he'll be ok, he'll be just fine." Words of wisdom or words of comfort he did not know all he knew was Bobby's hand had to quickly pull that knife from that wall. "Alright you ready to do this Bobby?"

"Kid I was born ready." Bobby retorted as Dean just rolled his eyes. Bobby started to slowly slide his hand up the knife to hit the end handle and if you want to know, it sure as hell is not fun.

( Chapter Eleven )
Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: wish you were here, genre: gen
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