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Wish you were here 8/13

Title:Wish you were here
Summary:Dean thought Sam was at the library. Boy was he wrong.

Things have been going great, the blood of the evil abomination keeps dripping to the floor leaving a huge puddle in it's wake, Dean's smartass remarks have ceased and all of his focus is on his brother; cringing every time his blood drops to the floor. What could be better?

Gordon looked over too see Bobby still panting for breath that had been stolen, which he dubs himself for. He has to wrap this up he let this linger too long maybe for the fun of it who knows. Sam has shown signs of waking for over an hour "We don't want to go down that road again." Gordon said aloud while shaking his head.

Dean's head popped up at the sound of Gordon's voice. Was Gordon talking to himself again? Dean was terrified beyond belief; this man was a friggin lunatic. He had to devise a plan before Gordon decided to have a meltdown and decide to start cutting off limbs or something.

"Hey Gordy you over there talking to yourself? I thought me and you had a date with the bible." He knew it would only piss Gordon off more but he had to do it, times are desperate. Sam's bleeding to death hanging from the ceiling and Bobby is pinned to the wall. Fantastic.

This isn't what Gordon needed now, he was in control and Dean was trying to take it back get him confused. I'm in control; don't let him see your fear.

Gordon put on a false smile and started his string of lies. "Like I said Deano if you get them all right I'll let you all go but one mistake just one Sammy boy get's the knife or whatever weapon I'm in the mood for." Gordon smiled as he saw his lie cut right threw Dean's exterior. He was trying to be strong, act tough but in reality he was falling apart at the seems and Gordon loathed that he was the one that started it all.

"Listen this new nickname 'Deano' it kinda brings back up the kinky subject don't ya think?" Dean smiled right back as Gordon was trying so hard to put on a façade. It wasn't working, hell his wasn't either but at least no one was in the driver's seat at the moment.

"I don't have time for this. This abomination is waking soon and I have to get this done. I must!" Gordon muttered to himself as he paced the room, he really didn't have any time Sam's breathing got more labored as he pulled back into consciousness and he couldn't go though that hell again.

Gordon was fucking talking to himself again, wonderful! He watched as the nervous man paced the room taking quick glances at Sam almost as if he were terrified of him; it shot shivers down his spine. "Listen loony, I don't have time either, cut the crap and start signing off quotes." He really wasn't in the mood for Gordon to have an emotional break-down he's seen the signs that Sam should wake anytime soon but Gordon was fucking losing it by the second.

Gordon quickly turned around as the angry voice shot out to him. Was he really saying that out loud? No, I wasn't this is all in my head. Right?

"You want to play we'll play."

"Now do you mean the game or the kinky sex stuff?" Dean smirked as Gordon twitched at his remark. Whatever gets the job done.

"You insolent child! You are an abomination just like this mind reading freak!" Gordon heaved as his façade crumbled. Oh god I'm losing it he's waking up and he has a hold on me.

"Whoa, whoa lets settle down now, Gordy. Just calm the fuck down can't you take a joke?" His eyes shone fear as he saw Gordon go from twitchy to about to rip your head off in two seconds flat. What the hell does 'mind reading freak' mean?

He heard it the faint moan and movement from the chains, there's no preventing it now he's back. God help me.

"Sammy?" He heard the moan as Gordon whipped his head in that direction. He tried to console Sam, before he himself crumpled all together.

"Sammy please say something?" His voice was weak but he didn't care, he saw Gordon back up cautiously to the wall eyes emitting pure terror. What the hell is going on?


"I'm here Sam its ok." Sweet Jesus that one word was beautiful. He heard Gordon yelp and quickly turned his head to see where he was but the shadows had covered him. Damn it.

"Sammy man it'll be ok I promise." A promise of a lifetime that WILL be kept guaranteed.

Gordon then stepped out of the shadows his eyes emitting fear but a cocky smile in place. Bastard thinks he's in control.

"Sammy good to see you've awaken, shall I enlighten you on what has happened." Lies, lies, and more lies. It was his life a lifetime full of lies but what the hell else can you do when you have a freaking mind reader reading your every thought.

"It's ok Sammy just a bunch of kinky sex stories nothing much, ole Gordy here had a bunch to share. Right Gordy?" Dean smirked as Gordon just sighed; he was terrified Sam hasn't said a word since his poor try at Dean.

"No, we've been talking about God do you know about God?" Gordon watched as Sam tried to answer but he couldn't formulate words. Maybe this will actually work out.

"Where the hell you going with this?" Dean yelled angrily, Gordon was one fucked up bastard but now he wants to give a lesson about God?

"If you shut up for once in your lifetime you'll know. As I was saying God loves all of his children me, even Bobby over there. Hey Bobby how's it hangin?" He heard what sounded like a 'bite me' but he went on. "He even loves Dean which I have no clue as to why, but there's one child who he doesn't love do you know who that is?" He asked as Sam's head tottered on his shoulder. He wasn't going to stay conscious for long.

"You bastard! I'm going to gut you down and string you with your own intestines. You'll beg for mercy you hear me!" That no good scum bag. How dare he suggest God doesn't love Sam. Dean's veins in his neck pulsated in tune with his heartbeat as his face turned a bright shade of red.

"No, you know I'm right this thing can never be loved by such a holy being. God won't even pity him. He's a destructive, abomination to life!" Gordon seethed, how come no one in this world can see how evil this kid is. He's the damn anti-christ! He's evil and…

"Gordon why do you describe all of your attributes onto me?"

Gordon quickly whipped his head up towards Sam and can see him smirking at him a hint of pity in his eyes. No…no, no. This can't be happening, I stopped it NO!

"You stop me? I laugh with embarrassment. All of this façade your trying to muster is a joke your whole damn life is a joke."

"No, I'm in control I always will be. My life is perfect none the less like yours."

"I think this conversation is getting old, you're a no good useless waste of space. I'm an inferior being and no matter what you do you will NEVER be able to stop me. God can't stop me on my quest to destroy the world."

I hearty laugh erupted as the voices started up again, whispers in the dark. "No, I'm better then you. I will defeat you I will. Just please make the voices quit please."

Dean quickly stopped his anger management control to see Gordon whip his head up at Sam. Gordon had the look of pure terror run across his face; his blood ran cold. Gordon started to talk to himself and Sam, as if Sam was talking to him but clearly Sam was unconscious or clearly so.

"No…no, no. This can't be happening, I stopped it NO!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dean was terrified this man just started to talk to unseen forces out of the blue and his face showed sheer panic.

"No, I'm in control I always will be. My life is perfect none the less like yours."

"Gordon what the hell are you doing?" He yelled out as Gordon bent down as if a force was breaking him down.

"No, I'm better then you. I will defeat you I will. Just please make the voices quit please."

"What voices? What the hell is wrong with you man?" Gordon quickly covered his ears and started to mutter to himself. Dean's heartbeat started up as Gordon walked over to his weapons table and picked up a pistol. The same damn pistol he pistol whipped me with!

"Gordon just put the gun down ok; there are no voices your seeing things man." He tried to set him straight but Gordon was fully convinced that there were more than four people in the room.

"No there all around us, he has to be killed I'm sorry Dean. I can't go through this again I can't he threatened to destroy the world." Gordon pleaded as he walked over to the abomination with the pistol.

"You planning on shooting me? Give it your best shot."

"With pleasure."

"What! Wait a minute Gordon wait; there isn't any damn voice your seeing things. Sam is just hanging there he hasn't said a word, he's unconscious. Don't do this Gordon please." He watched helplessly as Gordon walked over to Sam and placed the gun to his baby brother's head. "Please no." Tears streamed down his face as he looked over to Bobby to see him slumped on the floor.

"I'm sorry it has to be done." Gordon cocked the gun and tensed his finger on the trigger.

( Chapter Nine )
Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: wish you were here, genre: gen
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