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Weekly Recs Wednesday

Sorry for the long wait. I had some computer problems so I couldn't get this out early but here it is now better late than never right?


Broken Angel by moviegeek03 
Summary: Senator Fred Lehne has been brutally attacking, raping, and murdering young men for over a decade, but always evades arrest thanks to his money and power. He has everyone fooled, except one team of detectives headed by Captain Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his protege Jensen Ackles. When things become worse, Morgan goes to FBI agents Misha Collins and Jim Beaver for help. They offer it in the form of Jared Padalecki, hotshot profiler who also happens to be Jensen's boyfriend. But there is more Jared...he also happens to be the only surviving victim of Lehne's...
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Rec'ers commentary: Now this is going to be good. How do I know this? Well I basically know the whole gist of this story and just from the first chapter I know it'll be awesome.
Do I have a PDF?: No but I will be making one for her

Our Love Become A Funeral Pyre by glimmerella 
Summary: While recovering physically and mentally from Jessica’s death and her very emotional funeral, Sam encounters Jessica’s younger brother, Jason, at the site of the apartment fire. Jason is a brother bent on revenge. Dean, as always, has his brother’s back.
Rating: N/A
Word Count: N/A
Rec'ers commentary: This came out of the summer_sam_love and it's a beautiful betrayal of Sam's grief and Dean's desperation to try to help Sam.
Do I have a PDF?: No

It Was My Plan by zenamydog 
Summary: “Slowly a word reached from the confines of his brain. Painfully it surfaced and made itself known. Rape. These animals had raped Sammy, and it was all Dean’s fault. It had been his plan."
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5980
Rec'ers commentary: This is an AU to Folsom Prison Blues and as you can see from the summary it isn't pretty but Sam and Dean try to hold on the best they can despite it.
Do I have a PDF?: No

Focus by faye_dartmouth 
Summary: Dean struggles to keep his focus while fleeing from the demon. A missing scene from Devil's Trap.
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,512
Rec'ers commentary: This is an old little gem from the lovely faye depicting the aftermath of Sam's knock out fight with that demon I mean he couldn't of come away unscathed?
Do I have a PDF?: No but I can if you want one

Jensen Ackles and the Case of the Ex by fatebegins 
Summary: This is Jensen not dealing so well when he encounters Jared's ex-boyfriend.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5088
Rec'ers commentary: Another little fic in the spoiled rotten verse and this time it's Jensen's acting like a brat and Jared shows some coming maturity.
Do I have a PDF?: No but I plan to PDF this whole verse


Supernatural by XmenouX

Rec'ers commentary: This is a really cool almost anime like style of Sam, Dean and Cas. I really love all the colors and sorta smokey effect.

Duck Nation Color by Montanajin

Rec'ers commentary: Obviously we all know where this if from. I find the chibi version so cute ^^

Little Brother by JacksonDean

Rec'ers commentary: A cute little wee!chester drawing! I really like Dean's expression in this and the sorta height difference where we see Sammy use to be a little shrimp.

SPN + Chaste Kiss by leyla_lovely 

Rec'ers commentary: I'm sure some of you probably seen this on LJ if not here I am showing you an amazing, detailed drawing of some Wincest. I really love their posture and the textire of their jeans. It really tells a story.

My Turn by Gassada

Rec'ers commentary: A look at the flip side where Sam stays up all night and looks after Dean. It really sets a scene for a great fic don't ya think?

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