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Wish you were here 7/13

Title:Wish you were here
Summary:Dean thought Sam was at the library. Boy was he wrong.

First fic ever! Yay, now I can go back and see how much better at writing I am lol

Dean's breathing quickened as his heart rate sped up as soon as he saw Sam at the top of the stairs. There's no denying the mop of brown hair and his long body. All he could do was yell out Sam's name to try and console Sam and for the most part soothe his fears.


He was stricken when no reply came, but nothing could of prepared him for what was to come. He heard Bobby stop struggling with the ropes and look up as Gordon had tossed his baby brother down the steps. He watched in horror as Sam's limp body rolled down each step snagging on old nails…another thing to add to the "to do list" was get a tetanus shot after this. His head made a brief impact with the cement floor and all was quiet except for his own heartbeat hammering in his chest and his brothers raged breathing.

"Oh god Sammy!"

He yelled as unshed tears finally made there way down his face, this was it his brother was dead…but wait he heard Sammy breathing not the most healthiest breathe he ever took but it was something.

"Dean why do you weep so?" Gordon saw the look of panic and horror across his face when he decided to toss Sam down the steps…the farther the better. The tears started to fall not soon after, he chuckled low in his throat. He wouldn't kill Sam this easily, he knew Sam wasn't dead and he could see Dean contemplating with the question himself.

"You bastard, I'm gonna kill you. I'll hunt you down and gut you I swear."

He saw pure panic turn to anger just like that, it's weird how Winchesters have an on and off button for emotions.

"Is that so, well Deano I'm happy to tell you Sammy isn't dead. I have other things in store." He grinned as he made his way down the steps coming to a stop next to the limp form.

"You lay a finger on him and I swear…"

"Swear what Dean? Your screwed admit it already, you can't keep lying to yourself." Gordon bent over and began to pick up Sam's limp form he heard obscene language coming from Dean but that was normal although Bobby was unusually quiet. He shivered involuntarily at even touching this thing remembering what happened not so long ago. "Never again." He said to himself as he dragged Sam over to the chains hanging from the ceiling.

"Gordon are you talking to yourself? Have you found the secret stash of liquor? I knew you couldn't stay away." Dean joked as he watched Gordon drag his helpless brother back over to that contraption. If Gordon was pissed at him then all attention would be on him. What unnerved him though was Gordon really did talk to himself, thank god he didn't answer himself back.

"I wouldn't be joking in a time like this." Gordon said as he snapped the second of Sam's hands closed. He could see that he wasn't going to make it much longer so he had to act fast…especially if Sam decided to wake up.

"Joking? Whose joking." Dean looked around making a fool of himself he could see Gordon was on his last limb and had no tolerance for his smartass remarks. In return he had no more tolerance for some psychopathic hunter trying to torture his brother because they think he's evil.

"Listen Dean I'll cut ya a deal, I have five more quotes left get them all right I'll let you go but every one you get wrong Sammy boy get's the punishment." He could see Dean contemplate his options, he knew Dean had no clue about the bible and was screwed either way he went. Hell he didn't even plan on letting Sam out of here alive, but Dean and Bobby were a toss up…if they behave of course.

Speaking of Bobby that damn old man hasn't talked since he sliced his cheek. Gordon said to himself as he strode over to where Bobby was sitting. He saw his head pop up and smirked at the blood staining his collar.

"Cat got you tongue Bobby?" Gordon asked as Bobby just stared at him, if only looks could kill.

"Actually probably that chick with the knife right Bobby?"

"Would you shut the hell up for just one minute?" Gordon yelled as Dean obviously tried to take the attention off of Bobby which lead to his suspicions.

He then walked around Bobby's chair to see that his hands were almost out of the ropes he tied. Hmph… he must be losing it if Bobby got out of his bindings. He thought to himself.

"So you don't like my bindings, I thought they were done very elegantly." He smiled as he walked back over to his table to pick up a knife.

"Is it just me or does kinky keep coming up today?"

"It's just you." Gordon said quietly as he held the knife to Bobby's throat.

"Hey! Leave him the hell alone."

"Now were gonna do this easy like." He whispered in Bobby's ear as he cut the bindings off of his hands and stood up with him…knife still firmly in place.

"If you hurt him I'll tear your throat out."

"Nice to know someone cares." Bobby quipped but the knife got pushed deeper into his neck.

"Listen your going to walk with me to that wall over there and any attempt to escape will garner a bullet straight through Sammy's skull." He whispered as they started to back up towards the wall. He could see Dean struggling with his bonds and Sam struggling to breathe…wasn't this perfect.

He was about to pick up the chains on the far side of the wall to chain Bobby up, but as he looked over at Dean he saw a breathe of relief escape him. He couldn't have that could he? He shoved Bobby roughly against the wall and stabbed the knife through his hand.

He head a pained scream and watched as Bobby slumped forward. He smiled.

"You bastard, what the hell was that for?"

"Let's just say it's a remembrance of me, now when he looks at his hand and sees a scar he'll think of me. Now how joyous is that?" Gordon smiled and left room actually in a fairly good mood.

"Bobby you ok." Dean yelled out, he took the grunt as a yes but he knew that was a blatant lie…but it would have to do.

"Sammy, Sam." Dean yelled across the room as his brothers form just hung their blocking out the rest of the world. He could hear the sickening drip of his brothers blood onto the floor and it made him gag.

"Sammy please wake up." He pleaded…begged. He wanted nothing more to see those hazel orbs under his long brown hair peek up at him and tell him everything was going to be alright. He's not the first to admit defeat but he has to admit with Gordon on one thing they are royally and utterly screwed.

( Chapter Eight )
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