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Wish you were here 5/13

Title:Wish you were here
Summary: Dean thought Sam was at the library. Boy was he wrong.

After his show with Bobby, it really got his spirits up that he would find Sam soon and bring him home safely and maybe even kill Gordon. He started to do more in the research instead of feeling guilty for all of this mess he created. While looking on the computer for information on Gordon's whereabouts his phone rang to life, he leaped across the floor to pick it up on the first ring before he could even get a word in he heard the terrified voice of Gordon.

"Take him back please I can't take it anymore he's going to kill me!"

It was a rush of words and he was just shocked beyond all reason. What the hell kind of game was this anyway? Because this wasn't funny, none of it was funny anymore. He just wanted Sam back was that really too much to ask?

All he heard was heavy breathing afterward, Gordon was waiting for an answer. "What the hell did you think my answer would be you bastard?" Dean yelled out all of his pent up emotions coming to a head. Gordon still was breathing heavily like something was about to muderize him. It has to be bad if Gordon's panicking like a little girl. Dean said to himself as he waited for a reply, just something. His stomach was churning violently due to all the stress of the last four days.

"Please I don't want to die he'll kill you too and then he'll kill the world!"

Gordon screamed into the phone, he wasn't making much sense and Dean had a very bad feeling about the person Gordon was talking about. Bobby had moved from his seat at the table to stand next to him both eyebrows raised in confusion and question.

"Gordon cut the crap where's Sam?" Dean asked as he heard more breathing from the other line.

"Oh god please just take him back I'm sorry I don't want him anymore please."

Gordon pleaded and begged for him to take something back he had a fleeting suspicion he knew what that something was and that wasn't helping his fears that much.

"What the hell are you talking about?" The main question because he had no friggin clue what this loon was saying.

"Take Sam back he's evil, he's evil!"

Now that got him even angrier then he was before it even made his stomach churn more with fear. Before he could voice his opinion Gordon yelled off the coordinates and cut the line.

Dean stood in the middle of the motel with his phone still in hand.

"So where's Sam, what happened?" Bobby questioned wanting to know what the conversation was about.

"He's in a town called Cedar Hill not far from here." Dean remarked still standing in the same spot.

"So what are you waiting for let's go." Bobby urged as he began to pack his bags.

"Bobby we have a problem." Dean said as he finally closed the phone and laid it down striding over to where Bobby stood.

"Well out with it boy we don't have time for guessing games." Bobby said frustrated Dean was trying to hide things from him, again.

"Gordon didn't just give me the coordinates he begged me to take Sam back. It sounded like he was having a nervous breakdown." Dean relayed as he looked to Bobby for guidance. If it was one thing he knew his brother wasn't evil so that led him to believe Gordon's seriously messed up in the head and is seeing things. This only added to his fears of what he could have done to his little brother in his messed up state especially thinking Sam was going to kill him.

"What?" Bobby questioned, being all he can say. Sam evil? When Dean decides to paint the impala pink...Sam felt guilty shooting a monster. It looked like getting Sam back wouldn't be as easy as he had hoped. Damn that Gordon, he had just calmed Dean down and assured him everything was alright now this happens.

"Don't worry we'll get him back no matter what state of mind he's in." Bobby reassured as Dean paced the room again, back to square one.

Bobby then proceeded to calm Dean down again and pack there bags because they were making the drive to Cedar Hill and bring Sam home where he belongs and put Gordon in a mental hospital which is definitely where he belongs.

The drive was quiet and the roads were empty which surprised Dean due to how busy Dallas was. He berated himself for not checking the surrounding towns but it's too late now. Now he has to go to that damn warehouse find his brother and kill that sonofabitch.

Neither him nor Bobby talked on the way there both of their hearts hammering in there chest hoping for the best. Dean swore he could hear his heart beat over his music.

Anytime Bobby tried to start a conversation he just lead it off into nothing, he focused on the road and on getting his Sammy back.

Pulling down an old gravel dirt road they drove all the way to an abandoned warehouse. Dean got out of the car and Bobby followed in sync. The house was very dilapidated and worn out and a foul odor was coming from inside which made his stomach crawl.

"You ready to go inside?" Bobby asked him taking him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah let's do it." Dean replied as he got his gun and led them into the house.

He opened up the door into what used to be the kitchen it was accompanied with a table and a lone chair sitting in the middle of the floor. On top of the table sat a cup and a bottle of jack daniels.

"Gordon doesn't go light when it comes to his whiskey I see." Dean remarked as he picked up the bottle noting it was empty.

Bobby motioned for him to check out the downstairs so he made his way over to the door. He was about to walk down the steps when Bobby's hand jutted out to stop him, I gave him the 'what the hell are you doing look' then he pointed downward and I saw the missing boards and broken steps so I took caution as I walked down.

The steps creaked as mine and Bobby's weight were brought upon them at one point or another I thought I was gonna fall through. As we reached the basement the smell instantly hit us, it was the smell of blood. Bobby pushed me to go as I stopped to catch my bearings; we went deeper into the basement still not finding what we were looking for I searched for a light switch along the wall. My hand finally brushed the switch so I flipped it on hoping the light would at least illuminate our path. An old light fixture hung above and illuminated not just our path but something or someone else…Sam.

Sam's limp body hung cruelly by unforgiving chains that held him so tight he was struggling to pull in much needed oxygen. His lower stomach was bathed in blood, while his thigh was forming a river of blood that pooled on the floor. The room was obviously cold but beads of sweat masked his face which pointed to infection, and a cut could be seen on his left cheek.

Dean hurriedly rushed to Sam's limp body with Bobby right behind, he gingerly checked for a pulse and breathed out a sigh of relief knowing he was alive and breathing.

"He got a pulse?" Bobby asked wanting to know if Sam was actually alive.

"Yea, yea he's breathing. He'll be ok everything will be ok." Dean said mainly to comfort his own fears but also to comfort Sam and try and keep him from slipping deeper into unconsciousness.

"Well let's get him down from this contraption first." Bobby offered as he guided Dean through the process knowing he was in shock right now.

"Alright. Sammy we need to get you down, but it may hurt just try to hang on kiddo." Dean encouraged as he held Sam's body so when Bobby undid his wrists he wouldn't fall forward.

"I'm almost done." Bobby said while pulling Sam's right wrist up to slip it free, gravity could be a cruel thing sometimes. Sam's wrist fell as he collapsed into Dean's arms, Dean immediately set Sam on the floor because Sam started to moan out in pain due to Dean's touch.

"Everything will be ok I promise, I'm here now and nothing will hurt you." Dean cooed as he took off his jacket to cover Sam's trembling form. Dean gently swiped Sam's bangs away from his face as he asked Bobby a question.

"Do you have the first aid kit?"

"Yea it's in my bag, hold on." Bobby answered as he set his bag down and dug through the contents, he dug it out and handed it to Dean so he can bandage Sam's wounds and prevent further infection.

Dean dug thorough the first aid kit and started to bring out gauze, band-aids, alcohol, gauze pads. Anything to help stop the bleeding, he took his jacket off for the moment and did an inspection to see if there were anymore injuries he had missed. He felt the back of Sam's head and felt a sizable knot. Definitely a concussion, two knife wounds which both were infected. Dean sighed as he took the gauze pads and pressed them into the knife wound into Sam's stomach. Sam moaned out in pain and arched his back trying to escape it, it made his heart break.


"Shhh… its ok Sammy I'm right here." Dean cooed as he gently wrapped the gauze bandage around the pad hoping to staunch the blood flow.

"Dean we got to hurry it's just to quiet you know. With Gordon all loony in the head I don't want to take any chances." Bobby said worriedly as he tried to usher Dean out but he knew that wouldn't happen until Sam was fully taken care of.

"It'll be ok Bobby, were ready for him and I'm not leaving until Sam's taken care of." Dean said matter of factly. Bobby knew this already but in the end Bobby was right that's why Bobby was the matter of reason and he would totally get himself killed if it wasn't for him. "Listen give me five minutes and I'll have Sam ready to go ok."

"Ok I'll go back upstairs and be the look-out holler if you need me." Bobby said as he made his way up the broken stairs, something wasn't right he could feel it he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Dean turned his attention back to Sam who was moaning in pain again he tried his best to console him but Sam was terrified and damnit he will find that sleazy bastard and hunt him down.

Bobby walked around upstairs looking for hints as to Gordon's whereabouts but found nothing. He really wanted to know where Gordon was because there was a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach that was gnawing at him to grab both those boys and run.

Bobby opened the door to look outside that's when he noticed a truck parked behind the Impala, he then took out his weapon and went outside to investigate who's the hell it was even though he had a feeling he already knew. He looked inside the windows and beer cans and papers were strewn about. He heard a twig snap behind him, he quickly turned behind him to face his attacker but no one was there.

"Your hearing things Bobby, you gotta calm down if you want to help these boys." He told himself as he made his way back to the house. Suddenly a shadow appeared behind him and hit him on the back of the head he fell forward catching his jaw on the steps and knocking his own self out.

Dean was getting worried not only for Sam who that was his main worry but for Bobby; it's been way past five minutes and still no Bobby in sight. He tried to calm his fears by saying Bobby probably found the rest of the liquor but it didn't help.

Sam started to moan again, "shhh Sammy it'll be ok I'm here but what would be better if you could be here with me. So please can you open your eyes?" Dean asked knowing Sam already had a concussion and needed to be awake but after two stab wounds he would want to sleep too.

"D'n" Sam moaned as his eye's blinked open fully aware of the pain assaulting him he cried out and tried to relieve himself of it.

"Shh shh I'm here Sammy its ok, it's me no one will hurt you. Just lay down and relax buddy you been through a lot." Dean said as he saw Sam crying out in pain.

Sam was in oblivion he heard Dean speaking and knew he was here but all he felt was pain it was all over his head, his stomach, his thigh even his cheek was sore. He didn't know how he got there or what happened. Why couldn't he remember anything?

It was then that Sam saw him moving through the shadows, Dean was leaned over him trying to garner his attention oh god he didn't know he was here. Sam tried to call out to Dean and tell him but nothing worked all he could say was Dean's name and he took that as help me I'm hurt I want my brother, not watch out there's a psychopath behind you.

"D'n!" Sam cried as he tried to warn Dean about Gordon.

"What Sammy I'm right here it's ok." Dean cooed as he brushed Sam's hair away from his eyes.

"D'n wa'th out!" Sam tried to make a complete sentence but his attempts were horrible his headache was messing with his speech.

"Sammy I don't understand you?" Dean asked as Sam struggled to tell him something, that's when he felt it. The hard exterior of a pistol being whipped against the back of his skull, he's just been pistol whipped what the hell? He immediately fell sideways onto Sam. Oh god that's what Sam was trying to tell him they weren't alone. As he tried to get up he felt it again the pistol being smacked against his skull, he fell backwards and into oblivion.

Chapter Six
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